Norwex Microfiber cloth and all its benefits


Do you use a normal cotton cloth to clean surfaces around your house? Do you find that after wiping a surface several times, the dirt and dust are still there? And it feels as if you have not wiped it at all? If you have experienced this, then you should change to Norwex microfiber cloth products.

What is the difference?

Microfiber works differently as compared to cotton properties. The splitting process creates open spaces in the fibers. This allows the cloth to move about and lift the dust and dirt during wiping. As such, any residue on the surface will then be removed.

The technology behind Norwex Microfiber

Norwex Microfiber cloth is made from state-of-the-art technology manufacturing process. It is a combination of polyester and polyamide. What makes this interesting is that each strand of microfiber is only 1/200th the size of a human hair strand. Imagine that! With more than 3 million meters of microfiber in the Norwex EnviroCloth, surfaces can now be cleaned, faster and more efficient than ever.

Clean surfaces, once and for all

When you sue a cotton cloth to clean a surface, you are not wiping them away. Instead, you are only pushing them to one side or up in the air and then moving the cloth about. Once your cloth leaves that spot, the microparticles (and even dust) will resettle. That is why you notice that a surface felt like it hasn’t been cleaned at all.

Dry and wet, no problem

The good thing about using Norwex Microfiber is that you can use it for both wet and dry purposes. In wet conditions, all you need is to rinse it, squeeze out the excess and start wiping. Meanwhile, the dry method is perfect for dust. The cloth’s static electricity will lift the dust and dirt, therefore, preventing them from falling back onto the surface.

Is it really that powerful?

When used properly, Norwex Microfiber cloths can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface. This has been tested and proven not only by Norwex but by independent testers to validate this claim. When the cloth runs through a surface, the microfiber (millions of them) actually holds on to whatever is there. The particles actually stay there until the cloth is rinsed.

Keeps bacteria away too

Another benefit that Norwex Microfiber cloths give you is that not only does it clean bacteria, it keeps them away too. Norwex’s BacLock is an antibacterial agent that comes with the cloth. BackLock is a silver antibacterial fiber which sort of self-purify. It is embedded in the microfiber to inhibit any odor, mold or growth of bacteria within it.