These Bad-Habits Are Killing You! 6 Uncommon Ways to Improve Your Health…


Scientists are always making weird discoveries. For example, a study of high-heel wearers gave us the bit of knowledge that heels are actually better for women’s (and cross dressers’) knees in the long run. Fortunately, we can use these little snippets of information to make our life healthier and happier. We have compiled a list of some health hacks that you can take advantage of right now in your daily life to boost your well being.
#1 – Have a Nice Glass of Chocolate Milk
This advice is for those of us who exercise regularly. If that is not you, what’s stopping you? Go for a walk today to get started! For the rest of us, chocolate milk is the perfect beverage for recovering from a workout. The milk provides protein necessary for muscle growth. And, the chocolate has useful carbs that will restore lost energy.
Chocolate Milk

#2 – Hand Wash Is No Substitute for Soap

Hand wash has come to take the place of soap in many American homes. It is convenient to just press down and get a single serving of liquid soap. However, in the Clinical Infectious Diseases scientific journal, researchers at the UK’s Aston University found soap was more effective at removing bacteria. Also, hand wash may encourage super bugs.
#3 – Make Your Linen Closet Your Medicine Chest

Many people keep their meds in their bathroom. However, with the heat, humidity, and light of the bathroom, the efficacy and potency of these medications can degrade quickly. Instead, keep them with your linens, where it is typically quite cool, dark, and dry.

#4 – Suffering from Migraines? Sniff an Apple!

The more scientists study apples, the more the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” rings true. The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that the severity of headaches were reduced by simply smelling a green apple. Researchers believe that the pleasant fragrance reduced tensions allowing one to relax.


#5 – Keep the Toilet Lid Down

Sorry, Bro, that special woman in your home has a point when it comes to keeping the toilet seat down. In fact, you should also keep the lid down. According to a researcher from the University of Arizona, if you flush with the lid up, polluted water particles will float around your bathroom for a few hours. Then, they make a new home wherever they land…like on your toothbrush.
Toilet Lid Down

#6 – Take a Different Route to Work

Or, take a close look at your daily routines and tweak them. Why? Psychologists at Hertfordshire University found that deeply ingrained bad habits can be kicked by simply adjusting other habits, whether they are good, bad, or benign. Shake yourself out of your routines, and you may be able to stop eating, drinking, or smoking too much.
Route to Work

#7 – Good luck with your simple new health tricks. And,

remember to lift the toilet lid before you use the bathroom again…and wash your hands with soap after touching that lid.
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