You were infected by COVID-19. What happen after you recover?

Do I still need to get vaccinated even after I have contracted and recovered the COVID-19 virus?

Yes, you should unless you have been advised by the medical authorities not to. This will strengthen your immune response which can function as a booster.

Is it possible to survive COVID-19?

Yes, it is. While there is no cure for COVID-19, there are more cases of patients recovering after getting COVID-19 than those who did not. Thus, it is possible (and high chance) that you will recover if you contracted the virus.

How do I know that I have recovered from COVID-19?

If you have been tested positive for COVID-19, you will be placed in isolation. You will be administered with the appropriate medical support and services. You will be given whatever treatment that you need including oxygen or respiratory support systems. Meanwhile, you will be monitored all the time to help you recover and that your condition does not deteriorates.

If your condition improves after a certain period of isolation (usually 10 days or more), your condition will be assessed by the medical personnel who will certify if you can be discharged or remain in the centre for a longer time.

Will I be infectious after I leave the COVID-19 treatment centre?

Yes, but it is usually unlikely. If you have been certified by the COVID-19 assessment centre to have recovered, you should not be as infectious as before. However, there is no reason to let your guard down just because the symptoms are gone. Ensure that you take precautionary steps once you leave the quarantine centre so that you do not pose any additional risk to others around you.

I don’t have COVID-19 symptoms anymore. Does that mean I am now fully protected?

Not necessarily. Just because the symptoms are not present does not mean you are fully protected from COVID-19. There are cases where COVID-19 patients did not have any symptoms even from the first day as the incubation period can last up to 14 days.

Will I contract a different (mutated) variant of the COVID-19 virus?

There have not been any cases where a patient contracted different strains of the COVID-19 virus when they were at the quarantine centre.

I am cleared to leave the quarantine centre. Is it safe for me to go home?

If you have been cleared by the centre, it is absolutely safe to go home or return to work. However, you might want to take precautionary steps and further isolate yourself for another week or two if you are in doubt.

What about the remnants of the COVID-19 virus in my body? Will they attack again?

The COVID-19 virus is not like Hepatitis-B or HIV where they stay in the body indefinitely. However, even if there are any that are still in the body, they are usually harmless. Once you have been cleared to leave the quarantine centre, you would most likely not experience any attacks again. Should you experience any of the symptoms again, contact the health authorities and they will be able to carry out a proper diagnosis.

Does being a recovered COVID-19 patient mean I am fully protected from the virus? Can I still spread the virus to someone else?

There are still inconclusive findings to this but studies have shown that even if you are immunised, you can still be a carrier of the virus. However, studies also found that you will be protected against the virus which means you are unlikely to spread it to others. That said, you should not be complacent and continue to observe the SOPs and wear face masks to avoid direct contact.