Are we eating pesticide residues in our food?

Are we eating pesticide residues in our food

Some of us never knew this but the food that we consume could well be as dangerous as drinking detergent if not worse. This is what was found in a recent report that revealed that there were fruits and vegetables which contain pesticide residue and this is from food that we have all deemed to be ‘healthy foods’.

According to the report, there are foods that are totally ‘clean’ which include sweet potatoes and the cauliflower. The alarming part meanwhile is in some of the so-called ‘healthiest’ foods. This includes the apple, strawberries and celery.

Questions have often been raised about the ingredients in the food that we eat and pesticide residue remains as one of the biggest problems. This issue has been talked about for decades now but if the food is sold in supermarkets, then they should be safe right?

The answer is NO! In fact, pesticides are still in our food even after you have washed them thoroughly. The biggest setback here is that the foods in the list of pesticide-danger are those that we are encouraged to eat without even peeling the skin. This means that they are best eaten raw.

You never cook the apple or boil it before eating. Instead, you have been taught to eat the apple raw as you do not want to risk losing its nutrients. But when you do that, you are actually consuming the pesticide residue which can stay in your body for years. So the next time you eat, think hard and through about what you might be gobbling down your throat.