GMO foods – Are they dangerous?

GMO foods – Are they dangerous

The term GMO means Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered food. It simply means that the DNA of the food has been modified in such a way that it does not naturally occur. The debate is ongoing and it will continue to go on as there are still a lot of theories for and against food produced this way.

According to the producers, the reason why foods are GMO made is because they are more cost-effective and in certain situations more beneficial. As such, it is quite common today to see products like soya beans, corn, cotton and sugar which are GMP produced. The begging question really is, are they safe?

The truth is, GMO produced foods are everywhere and it is difficult to avoid and could sometimes have toxins that can damage the body. As a consumer, you will need to be aware of what you are eating. If you are not comfortable with GMO food, then you should request or demand for Non-GMO food.

In most cases, Non-GMO food will be labeled. On the contrary, GMO food might not have the appropriate label. The 2 biggest concerns with GMO food is allergenicity and gene-transfer. The former is where there have been cases where the consumer experienced some allergy effects which were transferred from commonly allergenic foods. The latter meanwhile refers to genes being transferred from GMO food to cells of the body which could be harmful.

The main issue perhaps is that food which are not produced naturally might not be the best food you want to eat but as a consumer, you always have a choice and if it is not something you want, then don’t buy it.