Benefits of Cordyceps

Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a type of fungus which is commonly used as a traditional aphrodisiac solution. It was traditionally used to treat people with fatigue in cold countries like China and Tibet. This benefit has become very popular today among people who are active and involved in sports as it keeps them energetic and not become tired too easily.

Cordyceps is known as Ophiocordyceps Sinensis where it is commonly found in tropical climate places. This is mostly in Asian countries like China, Nepal, Korea and Japan where they experience humid temperature in its tropical forests.

Today, Cordyceps are mostly available in tablet of capsule form and can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacies. It has been scientifically researched and found to have the compounds that can help the average person maintain the energy in their bodies. This makes it an ideal food type for those who are looking for endurance.

By taking 240mg of cordyceps extract per day each week, the body will be experiencing some very significant improvements for endurance and this can be seen through the lower experiences of fatigue. Apart from that, Cordyceps is known to be very effective for use in helping to increase the libido of men.

In some researches, it has been found that Cordyceps can be used as a form of treatment for men with decreased sex drive as well as for the elderly who might be facing problems like erectile dysfunction. Although this is not a conclusive finding, Cordyceps is a definite choice used as aphrodisiac which can maintain the men’s libido in a long term.

It can however be confirmed through scientific research that Cordycep treatment sessions have reported a significant increase in sperm count of those who have problems in these areas, thereby providing the breakthrough in these researches.

Cordyceps have been used as a mean of traditional medicine for centuries which is why raw wild cordyceps can be very expensive due to its rarity, unlike the more ‘manufactured’ ones which are easily available. However, it must be noted that Cordyceps that can be purchased from pharmacies can be quite costly as well as they are carefully selected and made into capsules before marketed.

Other known benefits of Cordyceps include strengthening the overall immune system of the body and boosting the metabolism rate as well as helping to keep the functions in their best working order at all times.