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Top 5 Reasons why Asians are Obese

Top 5 Reasons why Asians are Obese

In Asia, the obese rate is quite alarming. In fact, Malaysia has one of the highest obese rates in Asia where in a recent report, it was found that almost 50% of both men and women in Malaysia are obese.

Obesity can be very dangerous if it is not treated as soon as possible. This could easily lead to problems like hypertension and even heart attacks. Among the main reasons is on the food and it is prepared particularly in Asian cuisine. This however can only be half-true as there are other more serious reasons as well.

Artificial AdditivesAjinomoto is perhaps the most damaging additives used in Asian food. It is legal but is one of the major contributors to stroke and heart attacks. MFGs add taste to your food but it will increase your risk of health problems too. Besides that, other additives and artificial preservatives are not recognized by your body and hence left around the stomach areas which could lead to cancer.
Artificial preservatives used in many processed foods could increase the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases and metabolic disorders, according to research published on 25 February in In a study done in mice, chemicals known as emulsifiers were found to alter the make-up of bacteria in the colon — the first time that these additives have been shown to affect health directly.

Eating Speed – Indigestion happens when you do not chew your food enough. Instead, the work is transferred to your organs. When your liver and kidney needs to work overtime, it will decrease their efficiency which means you will feel more tired all the time. Malaysians are known to eat very fast and then swallow everything within seconds. By chewing your food slowly, your liver and kidney can focus on more effective responsibilities.

Cold Water – As Asian (Malaysian in particular) food tends to be hot and spicy, the common practice is to gulp a glass of ice-cold water during the meal. This will only contribute to indigestion because the body is unable to synthesize the difference in food temperature suddenly.

Exercise – Eating unhealthily is one problem, not working is another. While you can be indulging in your Nasi Lemak or your Satay Kajang, if you are working out, it provides a balance for your body. Food can be processed and turned into energy.

Lifestyle – In urban cities and towns, traffic jams are very common. As you spend too much time idling in traffic jams, your lifestyle becomes too rush. Imagine using this time for exercising or going for a swim.