The 7 Dirtiest parts of your body!

The 7 Dirtiest parts of your body

Each day, we come across different parts of our bodies whether it is for cleansing or functioning purposes. When you bathe, you will wash every inch of your body but where are the 7 DIRTIEST places? These parts are known as the germiest parts which means you should avoid touching them unless it is absolutely necessary.

Mouth – So many of us have the habit of putting our fingers in our mouth. When you do that, you are spreading germs from your hands to your mouth. That could well lead to other more serious conditions when it gets into your systems like diarrhoea or lead to irritable bowel syndrome.

Ears – After taking a bath, you are always tempted to use cotton buds to ‘dry’ the inside of your ears. You actually need not do so. Your ears are fully and naturally capable of cleaning themselves. So leave them alone before you hurt what you cannot say.

Face – Your face is actually the most exposed part of your body to germs in the environment. It comes in contact with many things throughout the day like your smartphone and other items. Touching your face is very normal but that will encourage spreading germs to other parts.

Eyes – When your eye itches, use water or eye-drops to cleanse them. Unless you are wearing contact lenses, there is absolutely no reason why you should touch them.

Nose – Here, we are referring to the inside of your nose. This is where you have extremely thin skin which could easily tear. When it itches, you tend to use your fingers to dig in. That could scratch the skin and cause infections in places you cannot reach.

Nails – That is usually a given but the skin under the nails is the worst place to touch or put in your mouth. It is the best place for bacteria to grow. In fact, the place is dark and encourages bacteria growth. Do not scratch your skin with them if you do not want to be at risk for skin problems.

Butt – This is a natural place to avoid. After washing (thoroughly) from the toilet, your hands do not need to be anywhere near your butt, so leave it alone.