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Difference between Real Food and Non-Food

Difference between Real Food and Non-Food

You know for a fact that to stay healthy, you have to eat right. Basically, you can almost anything as long as it does not damage your vital organs. Everything that you eat can be classified into 2 categories which is ‘food’ and ‘non-food’.?

On one hand, you have food which refers to the edible items which have been provided by nature(by god!). This means that they are part of the ecological system which means it includes vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and notably legumes, beans and nuts, all of which can be sourced naturally.

You will notice that your teeth is not made to break meat. Although meat is classified as meat, the natural set up of your teeth structure is actually more suitable for vegetables instead of meat. Hence, you should be taking 80% vegetable and 20% meat.

On the other hand, non-food can mean anything that cannot be eaten. However, in this context, non-food means foods that are not naturally available and especially among those that are ‘manufactured’. Here, it simply means foods like burgers, nuggets, frozen chicken drummets, sausage (or frankfurters or hot dogs) and alarmingly, 3-in-1 drinks.

In 3-in-1 drinks, it has been found that the manufactures add excessive sugar mainly because they want to portray that these drinks are able to produce energy. This was found recently by a professor in Dietetic from USM who said that the amount of ‘helpful’ herbs like ginseng and tongkat ali are actually very low and is not helpful for health at all because it is the sugar level which is very high. In fact, it is more than 3 teaspoons of sugar in every 3-in-1 sachet you drink. This is usually overlooked because of the bitter taste of coffee or tea.

Another damaging ingredient in 3-in-1 products is in the creamer which can clog the arteries that will then lead to cardiovascular diseases. This means that there is no reason to drink 3-in-1 unless it is absolutely necessary.

Besides 3-in-1 products, another non-food product which is very damaging is sausages. This is included in a lot of food and cuisine like Hong Kong noodles, breakfast sets, western food and such. Easy to prepare and quick to cook, it is among the most damaging types of food you can find around. It has been found that eating 1 sausage per day increases your cancer risk of up to 20%. Imagine if you are taking more than 1 each day.