Top Energy-Producing Recipes For Ramadan


The fasting month of Ramadan is finally here and you need to abstain from food and drinks for most of the upcoming 30 days. So, despite anything else, remember that the breakfast is still the most important meal of your day. Since you need to take this meal to keep you going for the next 12 hours or so, ensure that you are taking the right type of food which can keep you energized throughout.

First, always drink 2 glasses of water at Sahur. Make sure that your breakfast is fiber-rich because this nutrient keeps you full which you can get from beans, whole grains, nuts and cereals.

You will want to take your food that involves bananas, whole grain bread, almond nuts and cereals because these are foods that are known to keep you full and restraining your appetite especially when you are refraining from eating all day long.

Bran Muffins – Besides being able to last a few days, bran muffins helps to suppress your cravings for the day. Take this and keep some for other days during sahur.

Bread – If you are going for toast, use almond butter spread and then chia seeds with bananas as topping. You get the best of all worlds with this one because you have all the important ingredients to suppress your appetite.

Another method here is to smash beans on the toast (whole meal if possible) and then 1 sunny side up with tomato or cucumber and then you have quite a good sandwich which is filling, tasty and effective for puasa.

Make an avocado toast and the use olive oil and sprinkle some cheese flakes.

Fruits – Using some lime juice, mix it with cinnamon, cut bananas, skin-on pears and pumpkin seeds. It is a delightful meal and produces energy for your body as well.

Oat – Make some oatmeal packets to be taken as snacks before fasting starts.

Smoothie – This is a great option to keep you full and energized. You can make your own pre-puasa smoothie by using milk, quick oats, peanut butter, chia seeds, cocoa powder, banana and milk. Delicious!

Another option is to use frozen banana and blend with oats, water and cocoa powder. This will keep you full for hours.

Wraps – Use spinach, feta and scrambled eggs and the whole grain tortilla to make a wrap. If you like meat, use a fried egg, and English muffin and then use smoked salmon and some avocado.