Baking Soda – The Super-Product that replaces your toothpaste and detergent

Baking Soda – The Super-Product that replaces your toothpaste and detergent

Did you know that standard toothpaste that you use like Colgate and Oral-B contain fluoride which can be very damaging?

You might be asking, if you do not use regular toothpaste that you have trusted for decades, what should you use? There are actually alternatives that are better and safer.

Toothpaste is very close to your throat which means you risk swallowing it. Fluoride, while it helps to strengthen your gums and teeth, it can be very toxic. When you use too much fluoride, it can cause your teeth to be too brittle which means it actually weakens it. So, in most cases, your dermatologist will give you the advice if needed.

Enter the alternative but with caution

Baking soda is a great replacement for toothpaste. What baking soda can do is that it is a type of mild abrasive which works extremely well in removing stains which are stuck to your teeth. This means that you can now use an alternative without having to worry about swallowing fluoride which can do more harm than good. However, although it is a good alternative, it is not the direct replacement for your toothpaste. The general rule of thumb is to use it 2 to 3 times a week as it might be too strong for your enamel if used too frequently.

Besides that, Baking Soda is a good alternative for detergent where you can use it to clean the floor, toilets and basins where it is non-toxic as well as cleans stain that are stubborn. On top of it all, baking soda is not damaging to the skin and is a lot cheaper too.