Home Remedies to cool down the air for a good night’s sleep


Good quality sleep is very important to health. In tropical countries like Malaysia, the heat can sometimes be very annoying especially when it stops you from getting a good night’s sleep. While you will most likely be depending on the air-conditioning unit to cool down the environment, you could apply some of the home remedies below which can create some very amazing effects.
Most of these remedies require you to use the refrigerator but since the appliance is switched on, you might as well maximize its ability and use it for a better effect.

Pillow and Fridge – Place your pillow in the fridge before sleeping. If you are using feather pillows, the cold air is kept inside for long periods of time. This works wonders as you get a cold pillow when sleeping.

Towel on the window – When it is hot at night, open the window and place a wet towel there. It functions as a natural air-conditioner especially when the wind blows air into the room.

Ventilator – Place a bag of ice-cubes in front of the ventilator before you sleep. It will cool down the room tremendously.

Electronic Devices – If it is really hot, remove charging electronic devices from your room. They release heat although in small amounts and that is totally unnecessary.

Feet – Dip your feet into a tub of cold water before sleeping. This will complement a cold bath to help you sleep faster and easier. When you do this, circulation becomes better because your body will automatically warm up after the cold that will lead to a calming effect for your whole body.

Socks – You do not want to use damp socks but placing them in the freezer and then wearing them to sleep will surely create the calming effect your body needs on hot nights like these.