How to stop fleas and ticks from biting you?


Have you ever experienced the type of itch on your back when you are seated on the couch or when you are hiking outdoors, compliments of the ticks? The itch can sometimes drive you crazy. Here is an amazing remedy you can prepare at home to help you get rid of them.

What you need?
The apparatus you need is very simple. You will need either one of the following:

  • 1 lint roller – The type with replaceable layers that are adhesive.
  • A roll of duct/masking tape
  • Peppermint oil

What you need to do is to use the lint roller and roll it on your clothing. If you are outdoors, you will notice that after doing this several times, the ticks will be ‘stuck’ to the roller. Besides that, you can spray the peppermint oil on your clothing or use it to rub on your skin as it is good practice anyway. This scent is known to keep the ticks away as well as other insects like flies and mosquitoes.

If you prefer, you can roll the duct/masking tape around your palm and then make daps on your clothing. Do the same with the couch and your bed for bugs in your home occasionally especially before you sleep or during the cleaning sessions.