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Are Medications Safe During Pregnancy?

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During the course of your pregnancy, you will be well aware to take special care of your body and your baby at the same time. You will be informed that whatever you eat and consume will be channeled to your baby as well which includes the medicine that you take if you fall sick.

So, what type of medications should you take during pregnancy which is safe and will not harm the baby in any way? You have to be aware that during pregnancy, you will be sure to experience a lot of discomfort because of the changing hormones in your body. After all, you will be taking supplements during your pregnancy, so will there be any need for medication?

If you have a condition that needs treatment, you must see a doctor to ascertain what you should and should not take.

Over-the-Counter medications
Whether it is a common flu or a sore throat, over-the-counter medication is safe for consumption. However, you should always check with your doctor or the pharmacist before buying the medication. External medication like creams and oil should be fine but those that you need to consume should be determined of their safety beforehand.

This condition is where you might experience itching and even colds. As per the earlier condition, you should try to use non-medication methods like resting and drinking lots of warm water. Saline nasal sprays are safe for use if necessary. Take note that common house flu will not harm the baby in any way unless it becomes more serious. If you really need to take an injection, you should only consider this after your first trimester. Chlor-Trimeton is a type of antihistamine chlorpheniramine which has been used for many years by pregnant women without any problems while there are certain antihistamine like loratadine which has yet to be ascertained. If possible, avoid these drugs totally which is commonly taken by normal people with allergies.

To treat a cough, you should avoid those that has iodine because they are known to cause thyroid problems in the fetus due to its high contents of alcohol. Always check with your doctor for a cough suppressant like Robitussin.

Pain Relief
You will surely experience muscle pain and headaches during pregnancy because of the changes within your body. If you need any pain relievers, you should check with your doctor. Taking aspirin is NOT recommended while NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen should be avoided as well because they are usual for the common adult. Your doctor might prescribe acetaminophen if you need additional pain relievers.


As your baby is growing within your body and around your stomach areas, you will surely experience all types of digestive problems. This includes constipation, heartburns and even hemorrhoids. If you are feeling very uncomfortable with heartburns, you should reduce the amount of food you are eating and try to eat smaller potions and more frequently. Oily and spicy food should be avoided as well although some pregnant women are known to have such cravings. If you really need medication, you can take calcium carbonate while sucralfate is sometimes prescribed.

Water and fiber-rich food will be your best option to avoid constipation. While exercising can sometimes help, you should only do this with the guidance and advice from your doctor. Make sure that the food that you consume can be broken down easily through the fiber-rich food because if you constipate, it could lead to hemorrhoids which can be difficult to treat for pregnant women.

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