One of the top killer diseases today is leukemia. This is a cancer of the blood-forming tissues of the body that includes the bone marrow and the lymphatic system which has been in the top 20 killers in Malaysia for the last decade. This disease starts in the white blood cells in most cases in which these cells are very potent infection fighters. When your bone marrow is not able to produce normal white blood cells, it can be very dangerous.

There are several types of leukemia. A few types are more common in children where this condition can sometimes be hereditary. It has been found that people who are exposed to certain chemicals will be at the highest risk of this disease. Besides that, smoking and exposure to radiation can be risk factors as well while it has been found that over 65% of people above 55 years are at the high risk category as well.

There is no single method to prevent leukemia especially since this disease can sometimes be hereditary. However, there are controlled situations in which you can reduce your risk of leukemia by reducing the exposure to certain types of radiation including some types of chemotherapy. Besides that, there are certain cancer treatment types that should be avoided as well while smoking and tobacco use should be reduced as well.

Leukemia is not the same as other types of cancer where the doctor cannot surgically remove where these abnormal cells are usually produced in the bone marrow before spreading to other parts. Once it has been determined that you have leukemia, you need to be treated as soon as possible to stop the growth of these cells. Your doctor will need to destroy the leukemia cells in the bone marrow and to allow normal cells to grow. As such, there might be a need to use cancer-type treatment like chemotherapy, stem cell translation or a combination of different methods. This is where you will go through a physical exam to look for pale skin from anemia while blood tests would be carried out to check your white blood cells. A bone marrow test might be required where a sample of your bone marrow is taken and examined in the lab.

Your family physician will only be able to check based on the symptoms and prescribe pain relievers. If your condition is more serious, your doctor will carry out first level checks and diagnosis and if it is determined that you might have leukemia, further tests will be required. This is where you might be referred to a specialist known as a hematologist. This is a highly trained doctor who specializes in treating conditions involving the blood and the related area. Hematologists are educated in the blood and tissues that form blood including the bone marrow and the spleen or you might have to consult an oncologist who is a cancer specialist.

There are several symptoms to leukemia which can sometimes be mistaken for signs of other diseases. This is because the major symptoms are usually quite common that include sudden fevers and chills which occur abnormally. Besides that, you might experience persistent fatigue and constant tiredness even when you just woke up in the morning. If you are losing weight without trying which seems to be reducing alarmingly, then you should have it checked as soon as possible. On top of that, if you get bruised easily and recurring nosebleeds or tiny red spots then they could be clear signs for concern.

The medication used to treat leukemia is very similar to treating patients with cancer. It depends largely on factors on whether how much the cells have spread in the body, your age and overall health condition. If needed, you will have to go through chemotherapy where this drug uses chemicals to kill the leukemia calls. You might receive a single type of drug or several types are combined together and might need to be injected. You might have to use targeted therapy where you might be prescribed with imatinib to stop the action of protein within the leukemia cells to help put disease in control.

Home Remedies
Leukemia is a distressing disease and the road towards recovery and process can be very disheartening. Once diagnosed with leukemia, you will be on a medication process where you can use garlic at home. It has been found that garlic contains allicin which gives flavor to garlic which is known to fight cells that cause cancer. This superfood helps to destroy cancer cells in the blood stream while olive leaf extracts helps to boost your immune system naturally. Besides that, milk thistle and licorice root are used in the treating of leukemia patients while you can use aloe vera which is known to purify the blood. Taking curcumin can help as well be mainly because it has been used for its anti-cancer properties. Other known home remedies for leukemia includes Green Tea, Ginseng and event he Peals Of Citrus Fruits as well.

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