How to make your own Mosquito trap

The threat of dengue has been going around for months now. Quite recently, Malaysia reported a record high of dengue cases with hospital running out of space to treat patients with this problem. While you know that water retention should be disposed, you can make your own mosquito traps to kill off the Aedes treat at home.

What you need is 200ml of water, 50 grams of brown sugar, 1 gram of yeast and a 2-liter plastic bottle (those that you get from mineral water).

First cut the plastic bottle by half and keep the top (neck) part. After that, mix the brown sugar with boiling water and let it cool down. Once it is cold enough, you can then pour the brown sugar liquid onto the bottom half of the bottle.

After that, add the yeast. You do not need to mix or stir it as it will produce carbon dioxide. Take note that this is the element that will attract the mosquito. After that, take the top half of the bottle, turn it upside down (with the neck facing downwards) and put it into the bottom half of the bottle. Ensure that the tip of the bottle do not touch the water.

Wrap the bottle with a black piece of cloth (or paper). You can make several units of this and place them around the house. Wait for 1 to 2 weeks and you will then see dead mosquitoes floating in this home-made trap which is affordable and effective.