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Inflammation – What you should know?

Inflammation – What you should know

Although it can sometimes sound dangerous, inflammation is actually an attempt by the body for self-protection. The aim here is to remove any harmful elements from the body so that the healing process can start. This includes stimuli like irritants, pathogens and damaged cells where the body naturally tries to remove them, a self-healing action that must be taken before it leads to further complications.

Why Inflammation?
The biggest misconception you would have is to link inflammation to infection although the latter could cause the former. Bacteria, virus or fungus will be responsible in causing infection but an inflammation basically refers to the body’s response to this infection you are experiencing.

Inflammation is a part of the body’s immune response to any damage to the body parts. The immediate healing process actually starts when the damaged area starts the inflammation stage. You will first experience irritation before inflammation starts which you might think is some sort of skin disease or problem.

After that, there will be suppuration which is where you will see the discharging of pus before the granulation stage happens. This is where the formation of rounded masses of tissues start to occur around the wound.

Without inflammation the wounds and any sort of damage to the tissue in your body will not heal. Instead, it will become more damaged and if no measures are then taken, it could lead to some very serious implications.

Types of inflammation
There are in general 2 types of inflammation known as Acute and Chronic inflammation.

Acute Inflammation – this type of inflammation happens very quickly. It starts rapidly and becomes severe very quickly as well. Acute inflammation will normally occur in situations where certain tissues are injured. This is very common when you suffer a knock or a physical hit on some parts of your body. As such, your body will almost immediately react through acute inflammation which is very natural when you see the likes of redness or certain swelling.

Chronic inflammation – Basically, this type of inflammation lasts for a long time which could be months and even years depending on the type of inflammation. This type of inflammation can be very dangerous where it can lead to several types of diseases including many types of cancers. Besides that, other known medical conditions that chronic inflammation can lead to include hay fever, rheumatoid arthritis and periodontitis while it has yet to be concluded if chronic inflammation can lead to heart diseases.

Because inflammation is part of the healing process invoked by the body, reducing inflammation might not be always good. In fact, it is not always necessary to reduce inflammation although certain nutrients like Vitamin C does help. However, medical treatment can be used to reduce the swelling when it occurs. The whole idea behind this is to reduce the irritation and not to undermine the healing process by slowing it down.