Is Spicy Food Good for You?

Is Spicy Food Good for You

The usual Asian cuisine is one which is rich with all types of spicy dishes like curry, laksa and others. The use of Turmeric known for its benefits has been used in a lot of spicy food around Asia but did you know that spicy food is actually good for you?

When it comes to spicy food, the usual perception is that they involve a lot of chilly but the use of pepper and certain types of spices are involved as well. The general misconception is that it can cause indigestion and stomach problems. For those who have ulcers, taking spicy food will not be recommended.

In taking spicy food, it can help to clear your sinus. Besides that, they have the following benefits.

Weight Management – In the late 1990s, a study found that red pepper helps to increase metabolism which in turn allow your body to burn energy more efficiently and faster. This means that you actually lose some weight along the way.

Cancer – Curry has been found in a study carried out by Nottingham University to fight cancer. This is because it has curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-cancer elements very useful in reducing prostate cancer risks.

Naval Congestion – As mentioned, spicy food can help to clear out congestion in the nose and clear out nasal passages that are clogged. When you eat spicy food, your body temperature increases and as such, it can even prevent flu and fever too.

Happy Chemicals – Besides that that has bene mentioned, spicy food helps your brain to produce more ‘happy’ endorphins and improve your mood along the way.