Why You Should NOT Take Antibiotics to Cure Flu and Cough

Why You Should NOT Take Antibiotics to Cure Flu and Cough

The common practice usually is to take antibiotics when you feel you have a sore throat that can lead to fever and cough. But do you know it does not really cure?

What you must know beforehand is that antibiotics do not actually fight infections that are caused by viruses that bring flu and sore throats.

In most cases, the first person you will see for treatment for a flu or cough is your family physician. The doctor will then be able to advise you on how serious your condition is and if further treatment would b required.

From there, your doctor will most likely prescribe symptom relief medication like cough syrup or antihistamine but if the condition is more serious, you might be required to take a full course of antibiotics.

If possible, you should reject the use of this medication because if you have viral infection, symptom relievers would be your best option.

You should only take antibiotics to fight infections caused by bacteria which will help in ensuring you do not infect others around you.

Make no mistake about it, if you have any conditions caused by a viral infection, antibiotics will NOT cure it. Besides that, this medication will not help others from getting sick as well or help your child to feel better.

In fact, it could even cause some side effects that could be hard to cure in the future. For those who tend to take antibiotics the moment you discovered that you have a viral infection, your body could become resistant to antibiotics.

So, the next time you feel that you have a sore throat brewing, make sure that you have lozenges, aspirins and antihistamines at hand. Take lots of lozenges as they help to relieve your sore throat while cough syrup helps to reduce your cough and antihistamines can be your best option to relieve runny nose and flu. If possible, you should consider some home remedies to fight the flu.

After all, your body is able to fight the viruses as long as your immune system is strong. Drink lots of water and ensure your body is constantly hydrated and get plenty of rest.