Which type of Slimming Products is best for you?


Is it even possible to lose 10kg within 2 weeks? Are there any short-cuts to sliming? The truth is, there isn’t and spending a lot of money on such products might not be the best thing to do.

Get slim in a short time?

Losing weight is a difficult and challenging exercise. There is no miracle that can help you lose weight without requiring any effort. But there surely are products that can help expedite the process as long as you maintain a physically active lifestyle. Most products are designed to:

  • Suppress your appetite so that you feel full
  • Helps your body to burn more calories by increasing the fat burning process
  • Minimize the absorption of fat

Weight loss supplements and slimming pills

The most common products you will come across are often offered by dietary supplement brands. Not all products are suitable for you and some might even have side effects. Below are some of the best-reviewed slimming products.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The Garcinia Cambogia looks very much like a pumpkin and is green in color. Containing HCA or hydroxcitric acid, it has always been one of the major slimming products marketed by many top dietary supplementary companies. Garcinia Cambogia has a fat-producing enzyme that helps to suppress the appetite.

Glucomannan from elephant yam

This substance is in almost every list for the best slimming products. It is also known as konjac which is a type of fiber. What it does is it absorbs water and is the best agent that reduces your appetite. A lot of studies have taken place which found that practicing a healthy diet and taking glucomannan can help you lost about 5 kg in a month. Its benefits include regulating blood sugar level and helps in constipation.

Caffeine the most common slimming ingredient

A perfect ingredient for the coffee lover, this is supposedly the most consumed psychoactive substance for slimming. Besides coffee, it is found in dark chocolate and green tea too. Caffeine is known to boost your metabolism which is why it works very well for weight reduction. Meanwhile, caffeine is known to burn fats up to 29% but it needs to be taken in moderation. Compared to other types of supplements, caffeine can be easily found in daily foods.

Green Tea Extract

Most types of slimming products will have green tea extract. It contains an antioxidant known as EGCG which is a powerful agent that can burn fats in your body very quickly. This is also aided by the fact that it helps to expedite the activity of norepinephrine which is instrumental in fat burning.

Hydroxycut an alternative to caffeine

Another major type of supplement, hydroxycut comes in many forms. It contains mainly caffeine as well as plant extracts like wile olive, wild mint and lady’s mantle. This supplement is often used in a lot of slimming products and is very suitable for those who are not caffeine intolerant.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

This type of supplement refers to coffee beans that are raw or have yet to be roasted. It has been found that caffeine and chlorogenic acid are among the most effective substances that help in speeding up fat burning. Green coffee bean extracts are high in antioxidants and regulating blood sugar levels. Why not just drink coffee? While it works but the effects are less as compared to the green extracts.

Orlistat or Alli

Orlistat is usually taken with a diet plan. When taken, Orlistat is able to filter the fat from being processed by the body. It can be bought over-the-counter as Alli but also is a prescribed drug that goes with the Xenical name. In some studies, Orlistat has been found to regulate the blood pressure while suppressing the risk of diabetes too.

Raspberry Ketones extracts

As the name implies, you can find Raspberry Ketones in the raspberry fruit. Weight loss supplementary producers will usually sell a synthetic version of this extract. It is known to expedite the breakdown of fats int eh country while increasing adiponectin. This is a type of hormone known to facilitate the process of slimming.

Meratrim – Combination of 2 weight loss herbs

The Meratrim is actually a combination of the Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana, 2 types of herbs that have been found to have weight reducing elements. It is among the newer names in the slimming sector but has been very popular for its effectiveness. The 2 types of herbs are claimed to restrict the growth of fat shows and facilitating fat burning.

Synephrine or Bitter Orange

If you take bitter orange, you would be taking a compound known as synephrine. It is meant to reduce the appetite which means the consumer eats less while increasing the fat burning process. Synephrine is not as potent as the ephedrine (which has side effects).

Which one should I choose?

The best way around this is to try them before you decide. Not all products will work for you but those with the substance above would be effective. Most of the slimming products are commonly made to suppress your appetite but not to reduce meal consumption. Taking the slimming products alone would not be beneficial at all if you do not have a healthy exercise regime. It must be done together for the slimming process to work.