Traditional herbal solutions for the haze

Traditional herbal solutions for the haze

As the haze continues to be nuisance to our everyday lives, are there any traditional herbs that can help us overcome the problems that are associated with this type of air pollution? This is because most people will tell you to drink lots of water, keep your body hydrated and the usual advice related to the haze but do you know that there are actually some methods that can help your body feel better from the illnesses that are resulted from the haze? Below are some of them.


Known as ‘kekwa’, this drink is known to help in keeping your eyes hydrated. Drinking lots of this herbal drink will help to reduce the pain in the eyes. If possible look for the freshly brewed chrysanthemum which is a lot better than the canned or boxed ones.

Ophiopogon root

To keep your lungs and throat hydrated at all times, this herb which is also known as mai men dong can be taken. Boil the ophiopogon root which can help to moisten your respiratory system.


Rosebuds can be used to make tea. You can add some honey to give it a sweeter taste and this beverage will help in facilitating blood circulation as well as to avoid problems like headaches and such.

Lo Hon Guo

Lo Hon Guo is perhaps the most popular type of herbal drinks known to most people. It goes with the name Buddha Fruit which comes in many different packaging. The freshly brewed ones are the best but it is fine to drink it when it cold. Lo Hon Kuo is sweet and very nice to drink. It works very well as a thirst-quencher as well.

Cassia Seed

Boiled cassia seed or ‘jue ming zi’ will help to clear the eyes because the haze is known to cause your eyes to be teary stemming from the heat which are ‘stuck’ in the air. You can take cassia seed together with chrysanthemum which makes it a lot tastier.

Bird’s Nest

The use of bird’s nest for health purposes is a known fact. The haze is known to create problems with your skin and taking bird’s nest will help to rejuvenate your skins while keeping you mentally sharp.

Raw liquorice

In mandarin, this is known as Kan Chao and it helps to soothe the throat especially from inflammation.

Other types of herbs that can really help during the haze is snow fungus which can be boiled and then taken together with rock sugar and lily bulbs which are known to cool down the internal body system. The body will surely become ‘heaty’ which usually leads to problems like sore throats, coughs and fever.