Not all fats are bad

Not all fats are bad

The word ‘fats’ is never a common positive one associated with health and more so among those who are on diet. In fact, the word ‘fat’ is often associated with something that anyone wants to get rid of. However, one must know that not all fats are bad and it is not something that must be gotten rid of in totality.

There are actually good and bad fats if you haven’t already know where the latter are those that you do not want to keep in your body. However, those from the former (good fats) are those that you want to keep as they are there for several reasons. As the name implies, they are actually quite beneficial for you.

Before looking at the bad fats, first let’s examine the good ones. The role of fats is that it forms the basic structure of all cell membranes in your body where it covers 60% of your brain cells and the nerve function. This means that fats in your body plays a vital role to ensure that your brain and nerve continues to function at their optimal levels.

It helps very much in facilitating and increasing the communication between the cells at all times. Good fats produce chemicals known as cytokines which is a type of messenger agent. This is very important as it helps to reduce inflammation within the body system.

Fats contain soluble and high levels of Vitamins A, D, E and K which are all important agents and nutrient for the body while maintaining a balanced level of blood sugar. In providing these vitamins, the body remains strong and away from health diseases.

Now for the bad fats. There are in general 2 types of fats that you should reduce on. The first type is Saturated Fat. This is the most common types of fats found in most food today which are found in fatty cuts of meat and most meat products, particularly those that are ‘manufactured’ like sausages and burgers. Cheese, cream, chocolate and butter are all known to contain saturated fats.

The other one is called trans fats which are not as common in meat or dairy products but can be found in ingredients when food is prepared. This is you will find a lot of trans fats in products like hydrogenated vegetable oils and can be quite worrying if you have high cholesterol as it could increase the levels without you knowing.