Wonders of Curry Leaves you must know

curry leaves benefits

In India, they are called kadi patta which simply put are curry leaves. You cannot miss the aroma of the leave which is one of the most important ingredients used in one of India’s most loved delicacy, the Kadhi Pakoda.

Aroma and Flavor

Besides being used in Indian cuisine, curry leaves have already become very significant in other Asian dishes as it adds flavor and taste. On top of that, it is also known for other benefits. Used in weight loss, curry leaves come with rich volumes of nutrients and vitamins. Its medicinal properties make this ingredient a preferred choice for many different dishes.

Benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves have been found to aid in many health-related options such as:

  • Slimming and weight loss – The carbazole alkaloids can regulate the levels of cholesterol in the body which helps to fight weight gain. This can be done by consuming the dried leaves (which can also be used for cooking).
  • Brain power – Curry leaves can be used to treat people with brain-related conditions like Alzheimer’s. Its properties are known to improve and enhance a person’s memory.
  • Digestion-related problems – This means it helps to treat people with stomach upset. When ground curry leaves are added to buttermilk, it helps to treat people who are constipating or having diarrhea. This is because they help in bowel movement and conditions.
  • Treat infections – Curry leaves, with its high levels of carbazole alkaloids, are antibacterial and have anti-inflammatory properties. It is also found to have anti-cancer elements too. Its linolol (a compound that gives the leave its aroma) is known to kill bacteria.
  • Treat diabetes – It is a known natural agent that can regulate the level of blood glucose which makes it good alternative medicine to treat patients with diabetes.
  • Nausea – Curry leaves can clear nausea and this is very effective for pregnant women who are having morning sickness.¬†Vision health – Rich in Vitamin A, curry leaves is highly recommended to prevent (or slowdown) cataract problems.
  • Stress relieve – The aromatic curry leaves are known to have calming effects which in return becomes an effective stress reliever. Besides that, it is also used for people with depression or anxiety and other related issues too.
  • Skin problems and healing – Grind the curry leaves to create a paste that can be water-added to apply on the skin. This is good to treat problems like boils and burns. It has carbazole alkaloid which is known to speed up the healing of simple wounds and cuts which are not too serious.
  • Hair-related issues – Curry leaves help to treat hair loss and graying hair. It is also used to deal with flaky scalps and those with dandruff problems because it can stimulate hair follicles and improve hair growth.