Water Filter Brands in Malaysia

malaysia water filter

The use of water filters in homes is now more prominent than ever. This is because despite all the assurances that the water supplied is clean, there could be problems along the way coming from the supply into the home.

Malaysians want cleaner water and air

A water filtration system for the home is the last level of protection before it is boiled because it helps to clean any unwanted properties. In countries like the England and some parts of the United States, water flowing from the tap is deemed ‘clean’ enough to drink.
In Asian culture meanwhile, that is not the case. You will feel safer drinking water which has been boiled for sure even with an empty stomach in the morning.

Dangers of unfiltered water

Among the properties that can be filtered includes:

  • chlorine and chloramines
  • fluoride,
  • heavy metals
  • pesticides

So, with so many brands in the market to choose from, which would be most ideal for your home?

Top water filter brands

One thing for sure, installing a water filter for your home will incur cost and there are various schemes available from all the brands available.

Diamond Water System

This is known to be the top brand in water filtration for homes. Its Diamond Spring Water System, Diamond Classic, Diamond Master Filter and Diamond Spa are among its products which is used in many Malaysian homes today. So popular is the Diamond Water system that restaurants use this to promote their cooking styles.
From water filters to hot shower systems, Diamond Water comes with installment plans for affordability. This includes:

  • RM499 installation fee
  • RM89 for new customers (3 years plan)
  • RM65 for existing customers (3 years plan)

Coway Malaysia

Coway is a Korean brand which entered the Malaysian market in 2006. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in this sector which provides a broad range of water and air purifiers for healthy living. It is known to be among one of the most preferred names in:

  • water dispenser
  • hot shower system
  • water filters (indoor and outdoor)
  • air purifier

In fact, Coway’s Air Purifier is quite popular where its Lombok II model starts from RM3,300 while their water filter known as Bamboo is available for RM3,300 or RM125 monthly rental.

Waterfilter Malaysia

This brand offers a full range of water filter products like its top-of-the-range Hot, Cold and Sparkling Water Dispenser which provides safe and healthy drinking water in the home. Besides that, Waterfilter offers the S-100 Drinking Water System and the Velomist Point-of-Entry System which is usually installed at the main water supply pipe of the home.


Bionaire is one of the recent additions to the water filter market. This name has been building a strong reputation among Malaysian homes with their high-quality air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, heaters, fans, and other products. Among their popular products are:

  • Bionaire BAP600W-900 Portable Air Purifier – available for around RM600.00
  • Bionaire Permanent HEPA-Type BPA600 Portable Air Purifier – from around RM550.00

Amway Water Filters

Amway is one of the primary players in the direct-selling market. It offers a broad range of health products and dietary supplements. Its Amway eSpring starts from about RM3,000 and is quite popular among its members.
In fact, the eSpring line comes to win various replacement parts including:

  • eSpring UV Water Purifier Above Counter Unit with Existing Faucet Kit
  • eSpring UV Water Purifier – Below Counter with Designer Polished Chrome Faucet Kit
  • eSpring (Below Counter) Auxiliary Faucet Kit
  • eSpring Faucet Diverter Kit
  • and many others


NESH is one of the top brands in water filtration where it has expanded its offerings to offer Personal Care and even health products for children. Its NESH Super Membrane Pre-Filter is one of its more popular products.
NESH has a full range of water filtration systems that include:

  • Hot and cold water dispenser
  • Home water filters (indoor and outdoor)


Among all the many water filter and ionizer brands, Panasonic is perhaps the most established. After all, it has a long history of producing some of the best electrical appliances like air-conditioning systems, televisions, refrigerators and others.
The TK7585 is one of the best offerings by this Japanese appliance manufacturer. It cost about RM1,8000 which is known for its alkaline ionizer properties.


This brand has many water filtering systems which include water dispensers as well as point-of-entry filtration products that can be installed both within and outside the premises. Their indoor water filter system is available from RM850.00 onwards.


Known for its solar hot water system, SolarTech offers a complete water management system that covers filtering and cleaning as well for the home. Known to be the only fully automatic water filter in the world which is non-electric, pricing starts from RM850.00 and you will be able to enjoy cleaner water around the home.


This brand is a very established brand in the United States which is available for slightly below RM1,000. Unlike other brands like NESH and Diamond, Aquasana is less popular mainly because it is not as aggressive in marketing and promotion but it has a reputable range of products under its umbrella.

What about Alkaline water?

Over the past few years, alkaline water has been creating headlines, especially among the health-conscious group. While many companies selling alkaline water products are claiming that it offers very good health benefits, there is still not enough scientific evidence that suggests so. In fact, medical practitioners are advising all to be cautious and to take these marketing campaigns with a pinch of salt.

Safety of alkaline water

One thing for sure, alkaline water comes with a lot of natural minerals. As such, it is considered safe to drink alkaline water. Having said that, it must be noted that there are many that produce artificial alkaline water which might contain lesser minerals than desired. In fact, some of these brands might even have contaminants.

What are the myths about alkaline water?

What you must be aware of is that alkaline water is supposed to be just another form of water. It might not have the medicinal properties or ability to cure diseases. Among the myths that you might want to be aware of about alkaline water includes:

  • It can cure cancer
  • It reduces high cholesterol
  • It slows the aging process

What is pH level?

The truth is, the alkaline word is used to describe the pH level in the water. The pH level tells how acidic or alkaline is a specific substance. This is measured between 0 and 14 where the smaller the number, the more acidic it is while something with a higher pH means it is more alkaline. In mentioning alkaline water, it means that the water has a higher pH than the usual drinking water that you might have come across. To understand this, one must know that general normal drinking water is neutral which means it has a pH of 7 (in the middle between 0 and 14). Hence, when the water is about pH 8 or 9, it becomes alkaline water.
Alkaline minerals and negative ORP or oxidation-reduction potential are necessary for alkaline water. With ORP, the water is then able to become an antioxidant agent. This is something where the ORP value should be as negative as possible.

So, is alkaline water better than normal water?

The truth is, it might not be. As mentioned, there is still not enough scientific evidence that shows that alkaline water can cure some of the worst diseases. There are a lot of research and studies out there that are making all types of claims and that is creating a lot of differences in opinions and many on types of alkaline water too. However, there are some very strong suggestions that you can take alkaline water if you have certain conditions. Among them include:

  • People who have problems with pepsin, the enzyme responsible for acid reflux could take drinks with pH 8.8
  • People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes could take more alkaline ionized water

It must be noted that such research and studies are meant as suggestions and should not be fully believed.

VWA Water

VWA Water is the company responsible for some of the best water ionizers in Malaysia. It is the first company int eh country to sell the alkaline water ionizer as a medical device. This puts their product range different from that of the other water filters that are already in the market. VWA Water’s products is known to offer a lot of antioxidant potencies as it produces a very high level of hydrogen water. All it needs is just a connection the home tap water and you can get some of the best-ionized water in your home. Products come with 10 years warranty and best price.

Cuckoo Water Filter

The King Top is one of the best selling mild alkaline water filter sold by Cuckoo, one of the most reputable names in water filtration. Other products sold under the Cuckoo brand includes PRINCE TOP, EXEL, JAZZ and MARVEL, to name a few. It must be noted that Cuckoo water filter systems are offered under various methods including renting which makes it more affordable for the customers to enjoy healthy water.

Top Water Filter Products in Malaysia

Water filters can be crucial because they ensure you get clean water for consumption especially within the homes. There are some of the major brands in Malaysia that offer top quality water filters for all to enjoy. Most of the water filter brands these days come with state-of-the-art technologies with very strict research and development so that they can produce the best quality of water for its consumers. Here are some of the top brands.

Diamond Coral Water System

Diamond will always be synonymous with water filters. The word pseudoscience has long been associated with Diamond and one of its best-selling and reputable water filter products is the Diamond Coral. It has its own unique filters that are made from natural materials like mineralized stones, diatomite sediment, and coral calcium to name a few. What makes Diamond water filters so popular is not in its breakthrough in research but the back up of such research through academic backing. In order to produce water that is mildly-alkaline, it uses carbon taken from bamboo and coconut shells. This makes the water a lot safer and nicer to drink.

Cuckoo Fusion Top

What homes get when they install Cuckoo water filters is that they can enjoy water dispensed at many types of temperature levels as and when they like. This is the highlight of its signature product, the Fusion Top Water dispenser that adopts a four-piece system on its 6-stage filtration system. Cuckoo has over the past few years been enjoying huge successes in this sector, having moved into many homes where the Fusion Top comes with a larger space for dispensing water.

Coway Inception

One of the top reasons why Coway has become the major brand in the water purifying dispenser and how it is now being used in more than half of the homes in South Korea is because it was the pioneers in this industry. Using a four-piece system, the Coway’s Inception water dispenser is by far one of the most popular products where water is given 6 individual treatments. This means that the smallest of particles can be removed and high-quality alkaline water can be channeled easily and quickly.

Nesh Life Water Filtration System

Malaysian water filter brand Nesh meanwhile has been very popular as well, enjoying success in many areas especially through its Life Water Filtration System. It comes with a 12-stage filtration system and does not require electricity to operate (unlike other brands). Replacing the filter cartridge is easy and be done by hand while the unit is very portable as well where you pretty much move it about to any location of your choice.

Panasonic TK-AS65-ZMA

This futuristic unit is one that has been making a lot of headlines since it was launched into the market. What makes it so remarkable is in its technology where the Panasonic TK-AS65-ZMA comes with a single cartridge that has its own water filtration and purification technologies and its own electrolytic self-cleaning system. Having planned as far ahead is 10 years into the future, Panasonic is seriously making a lot of grounds into this market. Another significant factor about the TK-AS65-ZMA is that a single cartridge can be used for up to 1 year and the replacement is so easy, just about anyone can change it.