Use your oven to make dried fruits and not only the unhealthy cakes and pastries


Did you know that your oven can produce healthy foods and not just cakes which is often associated with weight-gain and sugary pastries? You can now use the machine to make dehydrated (dried) fruits without needing to invest in an overly expensive machine.

What you need?

First, choose the types of fruits you need.

It can be oranges, lemons, peaches or strawberries. You should find those that are ripe or just over-ripe and then wash it with cold water before removing any blemishes, pits or stems you can see.

Then, cut the fruit into slices and make sure that they are cut evenly so that they go through similar drying durations.

The skins can remain if you like but that is not necessary. After that, soak the fruits with lemon juice to minimize decoloration before draining the water out.

Set your oven to 130 to 160F or 55 to 70C and the pre-heat the machine for a while. Depending on the fruit you are using, the temperature varies. For berries, you might want to use the higher temperature while apples or peaches will usually require the lower temperature end.