Ways to reduce premature aging on your skin – Without paying thousands!

The anti-aging business in the Asia Pacific region is said to worth close to US$2 billion. You would by now come across commercials and marketing campaigns that ‘promise’ you shinier and radiant skin but would burn a hole in your pocket. Aging is a natural process and you cannot stop it from happening and spending hundreds and thousands might not be worth it.

Aging in the skin

As you grow older, you will notice changes in your skin. It could be small wrinkles, acne appearing in strange places and such. But did you know that most of these are caused NOT BECAUSE you are getting older but because of just bad habits? With some simple care and methods, your skin could be back at its best very soon. It could be your diet, lack of exercise or rest and lack of sun protection? All you need is some changes to your lifestyle and you can stop checking out expensive skin products for good.

Use sunscreen to reduce wrinkles

You skin will experience premature aging when you are exposed to UV rays too much. This is a process called photoaging. UV radiation can cause thinning skin, a decrease in collagen, hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles. This problem can be solved using standard sunscreen you can get from your local pharmacy. Find one with a 30 or more SPF and apply them before going out on the sun. it reduces your risks of skin cancer too.

Creams containing retinoids

Your body cannot synthesize Vitamin A naturally and you normally get this from food intakes. However, you can also find Vitamin A form retinoid creams. This is a popular product that helps to reduce premature aging especially around the skin on your face and necks. Retinoid creams help to reduce the damage caused by the sun with its high volume of Vitamin A, retinyl esters, retinoic acid and retinaldehyde.

Vitamin D – The best anti-aging agent for your body

The best sources of Vitamin D are sunlight, fish and egg yolks. Be careful when you go out in the sun though as UV rays could be harmful (which can be blocked with sunscreen). Vitamin D3 is a powerful agent for your body to control any excessive oxidative stress as well as reduce inflammation. As you grow older, your body tends to recover slower and Vitamin D3 is vital to help in this. You definitely need sufficient Vitamin D in order to avoid premature aging.

Putting it all together

You cannot stop your skin from aging but you surely can stop it from looking older than it is supposed to. There is really no need to spend overly expensive products to keep your skin looking youthful. Premature aging would happen because you are not doing enough to keep it fresh. Use the natural methods here and experience the change in your skin within a few months.