Skin and Hair care tips

Skin and Hair care tips

Here are some of the useful tips that you can practice daily to maintain good skin and hair health which is affordable and easy to follow.
For those of you with short hair, you should not shampoo it too often and it will help to maintain its texture to be softer and smoother. If you have long colored hair and you like to go swimming, you should condition your hair before putting on the swimming cap. However, you have to ensure that the cap is air-tight so that only minimal water can get in.

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If you have problems with dark circles due to lack of sleep or other reasons, use an under-eye cream which is rich with Vitamin K and Retinol. Do this twice each week and the dark circles will be gone very soon.

After a hot shower, apply some cold water on the skin areas because it helps to close the pores. In the process, it will prevent your skin from looking too splotchy and maintains its glow.

If possible, try not to take long showers and scrubs because it will dehydrate the skin.

Always remember to use sunscreen if you are heading to the beach because regardless of whether it is cloudy, you can still get sunburnt.

If you are afraid of wrinkles, use L-Ascorbic Acid which is a type of Vitamin C. When outdoors, wear sunglasses so that the screen around your eyes and face are protected. It has been found that cocoa is a good agent that helps in preventing wrinkles as they are able to protect you from sun damage. Meanwhile, sleep on your back as it is known to minimize new wrinkles as well. When you are at home, use plain yoghurt and mix it with some honey and you have a home-made de-stressing face mask that will keep your face glowing and smooth.