Flood in Klang Valley again. What to do if it happens to you?

Flood in Klang Valley again. What to do if it happens to you

Flash floods in Klang Valley have very much become an annual affair and could sometimes happen so quickly, you barely have time to think twice. The latest heavy downpour caused a minor flooding situation at PWTC where people had to be evacuated using boats. What should you do if this situation happens to you? Here are some things to consider.

Be aware

You must always be aware of the location you are in. If you work in a place known as a high-risk area for floods, then you should keep your personal things away. This means that important documents or objects should not be kept in the work place because you’d never know when you need to evacuate and leave your belongings behind.

Telephone numbers

Always have the emergency numbers ready. 999 is the number you should be ready to call which will connect you to emergency services. If you notice that rain has not stopped for more than an hour and there seems to be water retention and rising, then you might need to call them for assistance and for your next course of action.


Keep a face maskin your drawer and wear them if flash floods are occurring. If you are being evacuated, wear the face mask, the same type you used during the haze situation because there might be viruses and bacteria spreading around. The air is more polluted than usual and this could cause problems like Asthma.

Beware of animals. In a small flood situation, rats and snakes might be flooded out from their habitat and this could be dangerous.

Get to higher ground

If you are waiting for help to come along, get to higher ground as quickly as possible. Authorities might inform you that they are sending help so you need to wait out if the water is rising. Do not attempt to make your own way out because you do not know what is in the waters.