10 Reasons why Yogurt is a Top Health Food

10 Reasons why Yogurt is a Top Health Food

You might have been told by now that Yogurt is one of the best health foods in the world. It is known to be rich in minerals and provide the body with a lot of benefits and advantages. Among the many types of food out there, we are in the opinion that yogurt would be among those in the top of any healthy food. Below are 10 reasons why.
It is better than milk – Yogurt is the perfect alternative for those who cannot take milk. For those who are lactose intolerant, yogurt is the right food to take. They are more digestible which creates lactase for the body. Since you cannot take milk, you might be facing lactose deficiency. Yogurt will supply this for you.

Promotes healthy colons – Yogurt contain lactobacteria which are known to help promote a healthy colon as they are a type of intestine-friendly bacteria. This helps to reduce the risk of contracting colon cancer.

CalciumCalcium is one of the most important minerals that our body needs. Yogurt is one type of food that has a rich source of calcium which will help not only in decreasing colon cancer risks, but helps in contributing to your health in general.

Helps in boosting immune system – the bacterial cultures in yogurt has been found to contribute in stimulating infection-fighting within the body.

Absorption of other nutrients – Yogurt helps your body to increase the absorption of nutrients like the B-vitamins and calcium to be used within the system.

Replenish intestines – Yogurt helps to replenish the intestines especially after you have taken medicines like antibiotics. As we are more exposed to viruses and bacteria in our environment, we would consume antibiotics if we have any inflammation. This in turn will damage our intestines and yogurt helps to repair them.

Protein – by consuming about 8 ounces of yogurt, your body will receive about 10 to 14 grams of protein. This constitutes about 20% of your daily protein needs. As mentioned, as they are easier to digest as compared to milk, they can be easily absorbed and used by your body.

Cholesterol – some research has found that yogurt helps to reduce blood cholesterol which if not curbed, will lead to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Easy and good to eat – Yogurt has a very unique feature where it is easy to eat. Unlike vegetables which can be sometimes difficult to eat, yogurt can be taken by children and adult where they can be used as complementary foods for dipping or as snacks or as a whole meal by itself.

Other usage – apart from consumption, yogurt has been known to be used for other purposes. One of them is in skin care. Greek yogurt has been used in the home for facial masks where its lactic acid helps to refresh the skin and creates smoother texture.