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Is McDonalds Happy Meals really that ‘happy’?

Is McDonalds Happy Meals really that ‘happy’

As parents, you will want to give your kids everything. In saying everything, it means giving them that which makes them happy. By now, you will have come across the McDonalds Happy Meals which comes with a piece of fried chicken, burger or McNuggets, a drink, a small French Fries and most important of all, a TOY!!

So is the Happy Meals really that happy? We look into some findings.

It is HAPPY for McDonalds. Happy Meals have been reported to constitute about 10% of McDonalds sales which means that if McDonalds make RM300 million each year, about RM30 million comes from Happy Meals. That is quite a significant number considering that the meals are meant for children.

In a recent global survey, it was found that almost 4 out of 10 children prefer McDonalds as compared to any other fast food chains. This is because they want the Happy Meals which means that they want the toy.

You cannot discount the fact that the toys that come with the Meals are actually quite well manufactured and lasts a long time. The survey showed that it is the TOY that makes the major influence with the children for choosing McDonalds.

Through the Happy Meals product, McDonalds have been extremely successful where it has ‘other’ products like its burgers, fried chicken and others. In fact, many outlets today come with the McCafe option of premium coffee and tea options. This means that McDonalds pretty much has something to offer to everyone. If you don’t like their ‘normal’ coffee, go for the premium ones which are more expensive and maybe more aromatic.

What McDonalds is actually doing is banking on your emotional ties. Ultimately, it is still fast food and manufactured dishes. While you still make the decision whether or not to dine at McDonalds, you are driven by your emotions to make your children ‘happy’.

Perhaps it would be best if McDonalds start selling more healthy food like yogurt and such which would surely drive more health-conscious people to visit their stores. This is because despite all the brochures, advertisements and advertorials that the fast food chain have made concerning how ‘healthy’ their food is, people still cannot shake off the ‘fast food’ mentality.

McDonalds today is a lot more family-oriented. They have redesigned their premises to be more homely with a playground. If an eatery sets aside a large section for the kids, they are obviously targeting your children. After all, they get a free toy with the food. Or free food with the toy? You decide.