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5 harmful habits that you thought was ‘healthy’

5 harmful habits that you thought was ‘healthy’

Despite all the advice and healthy articles you have read, there are still several practices which you thought was ‘perfectly fine’ that could actually turn out otherwise. So before you head out and start exercising rigorously with the intention of losing weight, read the tips below because instead of being ‘healthy’ it could damage your health in ways you never knew they could.

Skipping lunch – Some might have told you not to skip breakfast but it is okay to skip lunch. That is a definite wrong thing to do. You might be very busy and caught up with work to a point that you might have to give lunch a miss. No matter how busy you might be, take some time to munch something. Your body needs the nutrition and the break. Furthermore, working for too long without a break stresses you out mentally and you might burn out physically too.

Morning workouts – leave the morning for jogs and gentle stretching. Try not to hit the gym and getting involved with too much cardiovascular exercises or weights. This might compromise your immune system as you are more exposed to bacteria and viruses. The whole point about morning workouts is to wake your body up, not to tire it too much.

Water – Everyone knows that drinking water (and lots of them) is the most fundamental element in staying healthy. You have been advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. However, you must be wary of where the water is coming from. Where possible avoid too much plastic bottled water as there are chemicals on the plastic that could put your health at risk.

Avoid ATMs – The ATM is a very important machine today. Banks are now adopting the use of ATMs for minor cash transactions which means that you have no choice but to withdraw or transfer funds through these machines. Studies have shown that the ATM is among the MOST unhygienic places on earth. It contains about the same amount of bacteria as a public toilet.

Going low fat – Naturally, you will be prone to look for low fat foods in every way. You might be led to believe that going ‘low fat’ would mean not consuming too much fatty elements. You go for low fat milk, low fat seasoning, low fat mayonnaise and all that. However, this means that you might be missing out the ‘good fats’ like Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be extremely good for your health.