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You want to get rid of the fats forever? Try our’s methods

You want to get rid of the fats forever_ Try our’s methods

So, you have been trying and trying all types of methods to get rid of the fats in your body and yet you failed. You exercised, focusing on the thighs and the bellies and even went on some meal replacement methods and yet nothing seemed to be working. You were even considering to go on a crash diet but the consequences are putting you off.

Perhaps it is not in the food that you are eating and could be something else. Maybe the following tips could help.

Managing your diet – this is the most important step. Its not really what you eat but how you eat them. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) and find out about the diet pyramid. This way, you know what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. On top of that, eat slowly and steadily. Don’t gobble down everything. Take the ‘chew 30 times’ rule.

Exercise – Rigorous exercising will build up muscles which makes you crave for more food. When you exercise, adopt a consistent program. If you are playing badminton, do so weekly. Go for jogs when you can because it is one of the fastest and easiest methods to burn calories. Invest in a treadmill.

Get a schedule – this will be a very effective way to burn the fats. Set a routine of your exercises and most importantly, your food intake. Your body will be able to acclimatize better as to when you are expected to burn the calories and when you are actually eating. Meanwhile, set an hour or two each week for heavy exercising.

Lifestyle – This is one area that many people often overlooked. Your daily practices will determine the eventual outcome of your body. Instead of using the lifts and escalators, try to use the stairs instead. If you are at the tenth floor and it might be too difficult, take the lift to the sixth floor and make your way on the stairs. Try not to indulge in too much sinful consumption like alcohol or smoking.

Less meat, more vege – this is the rule of thumb of most diets. You need not have to go through some painful diet programs if you practice this. Go for 70% of vegetables and fruits and 20% of meat. The rest can be rice or noodles. This formula will ensure that you have enough fiber in your body and energy to help your body function properly throughout the day.

Breakfast – always have a healthy and balanced breakfast. Nasi Lemak would be an ideal choice as it includes every bit of something. You get carbohydrate from the rice, protein from the egg, iron from the anchovies and many more from the cucumber, peanuts and such. Never skip your breakfast.