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Sakit Tapi Bagus – Foot Reflexology

Sakit Tapi Bagus – Foot Reflexology

When it comes to health, we take into account just about any type of practice to have the best, even if it means there is pain involved. Therefore, you can rest assure that when you decide to go for foot reflexology, it means that you are ready to take a step to better health even if it is going to be a painful process.
Foot reflexology has often been associated with what is known as painful therapy although it is more legitimate to call it ‘pressure therapy’. This is the type of practice is where pressure is used on certain places on the foot which are known to help prevent health related problems.

There are many reflexology centers around the country today, all of which provide many types of therapy which are complementary to the foot massage. However, you must be aware that not all centers are certified and qualified.

You need to take note of only the reputable ones as there are some which are not as ‘clean’.

Foot reflexology and yoga, are the therapies that you should practice regularly.

The underlying principal of foot reflexology is it is ‘Sakit tapi Bagus’, which means painful but good. Using the corresponding nerve system that connects the foot with all other areas of your body, it is believed that if there is a specific point which hurts, it means that the corresponding part of your body is not healthy.

During the foot reflexology session, you will find that applying focused pressure on these reflex points will help to remove the ‘blockages’ of the corresponding body part. For instance, if it is found that the knee is not as healthy as it seems, pressing on the focused point will help to release the blockages there. This means that blood circulation around the knees is not as efficient. By releasing the blockages, blood can flow better and more effectively.

You should go for foot reflexology regularly (like once a week or every 2 weeks). The initial sessions might be painful but once you get the hang of it, the pain is bearable. Furthermore, after a few sessions, you will find that you are resting and sleeping better as blood circulation around your body is more efficient. If your body system is working better, foot reflexology will no longer be as painful.