Try our natural remedies to cure your insomnia

Try our natural remedies to cure your insomnia

Insomnia is a problem that can be very damaging for health. It can be a problem faced by people who are stressed out or it could be a type of disorder. Sleeping is a very important part of everyday living and more important if you want to have a good healthy and balance life.

Sleeping ensures that your body is able to rejuvenate and get the break it needs to prepare for the next day. Therefore it is very important that you actually enjoy a good night’s rest. However, not everyone has the luxury of quality sleep as they might fact the problem of insomnia. This type of sleeping disorder could lead to other health related problems like depression and even hypertension.

Deficiency in Vitamin B12 leads to insomnia 
Many people do not know it but it seems that you could be lacking in Vitamin B12 seriously which could be causing your insomnia. This is because Vitamin B12 is very crucial in creating red blood cells in your body. It works with iron to channel oxygen across to every part of your body so that your brains can optimally function. While you are sleeping, Vitamin B12 is responsible in building your DNA. Besides that, Vitamin B12 is associated with melatonin which is involved in regulating and governing your sleeping and waking cycles. As such, you should be taking 2.4mgs of B12 daily in order to avoid this deficiency.

If you are having trouble sleeping at night you can try the following tips.

Melatonin – This is the hormone in your body that keeps pace of the sleeping and waking cycle. It regulates the timing for your body on when you should sleep and when you should wake up. You can try to take supplements with melatonin which are known to lower the body temperature and slows down the metabolic activities. Once they are in effect, you might feel drowsy and eventually falling asleep.

Milk – take warm milk. This is one of the most traditional advice that has been passed down for generations. Milk is known to provide the body with calcium which will then activate the brain to channel melatonin which as mentioned, gets your body into the sleep mode.

Set your body clock – no matter how busy you are and how much work you have, you need to set a time table for your body to sleep. This might be difficult in the beginning stages but once your body gets accustomed to the cycle, you will feel sleepy when the time comes.

Use aids – you can try earplugs or eye-shutters that cover your eyes when you sleep. What you want is an environment which is peaceful, silent and comfortable. If possible remove radios, televisions and books from your bedroom. Use the room only for sleeping and sex.

Reduce caffeine – try not to consume any caffeine at least 4 hours before your bed time. The last thing you want is to have your mind racing and your heartbeat pumping faster before going to bed.

Bedtime snack – a snack before bedtime is good to cure insomnia. Try to consume some sugary foods about 30 minutes before your bedtime because they are known to be very effective sedative agents. This is NOT supper and we are not referring to Maggi Goreng. Try Honey or a doughnut.

Try this less-than-60 seconds tip to falling asleep
This is known as the ‘4-7-8’ breathing trick and is very effective when you cannot sleep due to reasons like anxiety, eating too close to bedtime and others. Developed by Dr Andrew Weil, a renowned wellness professional, it can help you to fall asleep in less than a minute.

First breathe through your nose for 4 seconds and then hold it for 7 seconds. Then for the next 8 seconds, breathe through your mouth. This will help to ease your heart rate and aids your brain to discharge chemicals that have calming effects. Do this continuously and before you know it, you should be asleep already.

What actually happens is that it helps to reduce your heart rate and clear your mind because when you cannot sleep, it is adrenaline that creates the impact. This breathing practice helps to balance the impacts that forces your body to be calm which eventually helps you to rest.