Polyphenols – 650mg per day could help you live longer

According to a recent study which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, if you want to live longer you should be you should take more food with polyphenols which are commonly found in chocolate, nuts, blueberries and wine.

In fact, the study found that you should be having a daily diet which has high volume of polyphenols. This is a type of antioxidant chemical found in many types of plants and they are linked to the reduction of dangerous health diseases like cancer and diabetes as they help to regulate the immune system.

It was found that a diet high in polyphenols will reduce the risk of overall mortality by up to 30% as compared to those who consume low volumes of this agent. The study wrote that you should be consuming at least 650mg of polyphenols per day which comes out about 5 to 6 servings. Among the most food known to have this high amount of polyphenol is broccoli although it might be too much to ask of you.

Other alternatives that you might consider include dark chocolate which gives you just enough per quarter cup. Blueberries will have about 560mg per half cup while red wine comes with 254mg per 4oz. Nuts and seeds of course will be rich with this and if you are taking a quarter cup of pecans, your body gets about 192mg of polyphenol while a 6oz cup of coffee gets you about 91mg. In an 8oz Green Tea serving, you will get 209mg of this agent.