Sleeping on the Left Side will improve your digestion tremendously


Good quality sleep is very crucial because it can determine your mood and physical attributes the next day. What you want to achieve when you go to bed is get a proper sleeping cycle so that your body can rejuvenate and rest at the appropriate time while ensuring that your body is fresh to function for the upcoming day.

Besides that, did you know that your sleeping position makes a lot of difference to your digestion system as well? This is the very reason why monks lie down after every meal during ancient times in order to enhance and improve their digestion and this continues to be the way things are today.

Besides that, several traditional medicine practices have recommended that sleeping on your left side helps to enhance your health in general. When you do this, it helps your body to function more efficiently and relaxes your liver better. This will reduce your risk of liver diseases because your dominant lymphatic side is on the left. When you sleep on this side, it helps to drain the lymph fluid into the thoracic duct which is on the left side as well.

This will then allow glucose, proteins and other metabolites to be carried by the fluid through the lymph nodes into the heart’s left areas.