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Top Sound Healing Methods

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Ever wondered why your mother hums to you when you were small? It is the power of sound healing.

Humming and drumming have been practiced for generations in ancient civilization mainly because they are effective sound healing methods. Recent studies have shown that sounds, rhythms and vibrations actually help your body to recover from many types of illnesses. Here are some reasons how.
Our bodies are designed to react to vibrations. That is why you tap your feet when you enter a club or move along when you hear beats. Chanting and mantra recitation have been used in many types of religions for centuries now and when your body hear a constant beat, it will react positively. Each part of your body has its respective natural resonance and the idea is to get your body back in tune. It is sick because it is out of tune because of factors like stress or certain sickness.

In a recent study in Sweden, it has been proven that humming can clear blocked noses. Humming helps to lift your spirits and relax your body. You can do this anytime and anywhere. Your mother would hum you to sleep when you were a baby. So, when you are feeling stressed or tired, hum a small tune to yourself and enjoy the serenity.

Classical Music
This takes some getting used to. Classical music is now being used to fuel creativity among kids which means it can help you to clear your mind and think better. In fact, it has been used in classrooms to reduce stress and edginess while some alternative medicine practices have already used classical music to treat patients with hypertension.

This is the syllable used in the first steps of chanting and meditation. Chanting can help to lower your blood pressure and improve blood circulation. It helps to produce endorphins which can reduce stress. When you feel edgy and agitated, say the syllable ohmmmmm which has been linked with the sound of the universe.

Like humming, you can sing when you are stressed. What you want to achieve is to get the vibrations and tempo right so you do not have to sing like a songbird. Hit the karaoke and release your stress away.

Tuning Forks
You can use tuning forks and the chiming bowl that will allow your body to get in tune. This will help to alter enter into a deep state of relaxation where your mind can be at peace with your nervous system and other organs.

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