Amnesia is a known health-related disease which is where memory in a person deteriorates due to brain-related problems. This could be brain damage or any sort of psychological trauma or disease. It could be temporarily caused by certain types of sedatives or hypnotic drugs. In general, amnesia is usually referred to as the loss of memory which could be partial or whole. In most cases, a person who suffers from amnesia would have undergone a certain type of trauma either psychologically or physically.

There are in general 2 types of amnesia where the first type is known as retrograde amnesia where the person loses the ability to retrieve information before a certain date. This could be the date of a big event or incident like an accident and such. The second type is known as anterograde amnesia where the person is not able to transfer information from the short term memory to the long term memory which means that he or she cannot remember things for too long.

Both the types of amnesia are not mutually exclusive which means that one can either contract either one or both at the same time. A person who has amnesia loses the memories but that does not mean that they cannot acquire new ones.

The known causes of amnesia are categorized as head trauma which is usually caused by incidents like head injuries, events that are traumatic and physical deficiencies. In most cases, amnesia is caused by head trauma and traumatic events. The former is one of the most common causes of amnesia which happens when there is a hard blow to the head while the latter could come from distressing events and such.

When a person gets amnesia, chances are there are not many who will recover the memory that has been lost. However, there are many instances when they ‘just remembered’ everything one fine day. A common method to do this is through therapy where the amnesiac goes through a development programmed to help them regain the memory skills that they previously have. By doing so, they can use the same pattern to try and regain their memory.

For those who suffer from anterograde amnesia, they can make use of modern technology like digital assistance to help them remember what needs to be done and to remember things for a longer period of time. There are no medications that can be used to treat amnesia while experts are quick to advice people to consume foods that are thiamin-rich.

Amnesia can happen to anyone at any age group where it is more prone to happen to the elderly or anyone who suffered a sudden impact on the head. Amnesia can be prevented by taking health supplements which aid and help in memory and brain health. This is commonly found in supplements which are rich with Ginkgo and related minerals which are known to enhance blood circulation and memory power. Apart from that, it has often been recommended that avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol could prevent amnesia as well. To avoid suffering any major impact on the skull, protective gears should be used in active sports and for motorcyclists.

Amnesia is not the easiest disease to detect as it involves memory. As such, it will take someone who knows the history of the patient in order to diagnose if there are any instances of memory loss or any related symptoms. In most situations, the doctor will need to carry out a very comprehensive evaluation of the patient before amnesia is ascertained. Through this course, it can then be further determined if it is actually amnesia or other problems like a tumor or Alzheimer’s. To fully diagnose the situation, a full medical history must be determined which usually involves questioning of the patient while physical diagnostics include imaging tests like MRI and CT scans.

It is a known fact that amnesia is more prominent among people from the older age group which is common as brain health deteriorates. This is usually determined by the percentage of people in a specific age group. It has been found that a large portion of amnesia patients are in countries like the United States, several European countries and around southeast Asia while this number is a lot lower in Singapore and Japan, where the elderly are still actively employed.

Amnesia can be quite difficult to treat and your general doctors might not have the expertise to help if you have this condition. A person with amnesia basically has a mental condition that needs a lot of care and treatment. As such, the doctor will refer the patient to the psychiatrist or a geriatric psychiatrist. Besides that, more specialized treatment in neurology and clinical neurophysiology might be required while in more serious conditions, neurosurgery might be required.

Amnesia is often associated with certain levels of memory loss. In most cases, it means that the person is unable to recall past events or memory or any familiar information and this is known as retrograde amnesia. If you have anterograde amnesia, you will be unable to learn new information and knowledge. If you find yourself unable to retain new information even for a short period of time, then you could be experiencing signs of amnesia. Verbal amnesia is the most common symptom where the person starts to forget names and certain words.

As amnesia is an evolving condition, it can be challenging to treat and would commonly occur among the elderly. In fact, there is no single medicine which can cure amnesia. In most cases, a person with this problem would need to work with an occupational therapist or go through certain type of memory training in helping them to organize information but if the patient is an elderly person, it might be more difficult to treat.

Home Remedies
Because amnesia cannot be treated using modern medicine, certain types of foods can be used to help restore a poor memory. This includes almonds which have been found to enhance brain health. Almonds can remove the brain debility. Another type of nut is Walnuts and could be taken with raisins. Meanwhile, apples can help to reduce amnesia as it is rich with Vitamin B1, phosphorus and potassium. Basically, fruits that are rich in phosphorus can help to stimulate the brain cells which in turn help to reduce the amnesia condition while cumin seeds, black pepper and rosemary are herbal remedies that can be used as well.

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How To Cure Amnesia Naturally