Arthritis is a known disease where one or more joints in the body suffer some sort of inflammation. When this happens, it can cause some very intense pain which can be very difficult to treat with conventional medicine. A joint in the body is where 2 bones meet and when this section of the body is inflamed, the pain can be very extreme in that the person might not be able to function normally.

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis which happens when there is a breakdown of cartilage which is responsible to protect a joint and to ensure that it is able to move smoothly.

Apart from that, cartilage is responsible to absorb shock when the joint is pressured and this normally happens when the person is walking or taking heavy objects. One can perceive cartilage as a type of lubricant that ensures a smooth operation of the joints. When there is not enough amount of cartilage in a particular joint, the bones will touch and when it is rubbing together or when excessive pressure is inflicted, it will create a friction and will then cause pain and swelling.

In most cases, arthritis is caused by wear and tear and is most common among the older people while it can be caused by a certain type of bacteria or virus infection. Under these circumstances, the joint inflammation will disappear once it is treated and when it does not, the person would have contracted chronic arthritis. This disease is gender-blind where it can happen to both male and female. There are other types of known arthritis-related diseases like gout, gonococcal arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which are commonly found in children among many others.

Symptoms of arthritis include pain in the joints for a long duration, swelling in the joints, problems with moving the joint, redness around the joint, warmth and stiffness as well as many others. A medical examination will be needed to determine if one has contracted arthritis. This health problem is a growing disease among people working in the office where they are using the computer and seated in a particular posture for long periods of time where they suffer RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

Unlike certain diseases, the underlying cause of arthritis usually cannot be cured and treatment will only help to reduce pain and prevent further damage or inflammation on the joints. It is therefore important that there must be changes in the lifestyle like exercising and taking of supplements like calcium, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen the joints.

Prevention of Arthritis
Arthritis can be difficult to treat once it occurred which will require long duration of exercise and other treatment. As such, it would be most ideal to take preventive measures to avoid facing this problem in the future. Arthritis usually occurs among people who spent long hours on a certain position. This means that a person working in the office could be at risk of arthritis.

The best way is to be active by exercising where physical activity helps. In most situations, it would be most ideal to protect your joints by minimizing any sort of trauma when walking, running or playing sports.

How would you know if you have an arthritis problem? Most people face risk of arthritis without actually knowing as they usually dispel the signs as ‘normal’. When you are seated in a position for a long time, you will start feeling ‘pins and needles’ which naturally is the reaction of the muscles and joints due to the irregular blood flow. This is actually a mild sign which can potentially develop into a full-blown arthritis problem. If you are facing some mild pain in your joints or veins when you work on a certain position, then you could be at risk. To obtain a full report, you should check with the doctor in the shortest time possible.

Arthritis is a common problem especially among adults. In the UK alone, it has been estimated that about a quarter of the adults there have arthritis which have been reported to the doctor while about 10% of them have signs of such problems. Generally, it has been found that 3 in every adult faces arthritis-like symptoms particularly when they pass the 35 years old stage while this number is slightly higher after the 40-year old point.

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If you are suffering from arthritis, you must consult your home family doctor for the appropriate next course of action. The doctor will first diagnose the situation before advising you on what to do and who you should see next. You might be referred to a Rheumatologist who is very good with connective tissue and joint diseases. This expert will be the best person who will tell you what you should do next. Another specialist who treats arthritis would be an Orthopedist who is a bone expert. If surgery is required, this would be the person who will carry out the procedure. In certain situations, a Physical Therapist will help you to restore your muscle and joint movements while a Occupational Therapist could be called in as well.

There are certain early signs that you must not ignore before arthritis becomes full-blown. This could sometimes happen through a long-term duration and if you start experiencing constant fatigue, then you should start to take notice. Pains in the joints would be most common and obvious and if it happens too frequently, then it is time to have that joint checked. Other symptoms include swelling or redness while tenderness and warmth in the joints could be signs as well. If you have stiffness in the joints particularly in the mornings, then have them checked as soon as possible.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause Arthritis
If your body is lacking with vitamin B12, it could lead to a more serious problem including arthritis. This is because your body needs this vitamin to produce red blood cells which are responsible to carry oxygen around the body. Your body actually gets its energy from oxygen and the spiral effect will happen when you lack vitamin B12. That is the reason why you will feel tired, fatigue and headaches. If your body is low on B12, it can cause damage to the nerves. Besides that, when your blood vessels becomes large due to rheumatoid arthritis, it can cause further inflammation. Then the joints rub against each other, it results in wear-and-tear which will lead to arthritis.

The most common types of medication used to treat arthritis are pain relievers. The specialist might prescribe NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are formulated to reduce inflammation through interfering with prostaglandins in the body known to trigger pain. Some of this medication can be purchased over the country like aspirin and naproxen while you would need proper prescription if you have to take celecoxib or naproxen.

Home Remedies
At home, there are several types of foods that can help to reduce the pain in the joints which include turmeric which can be taken with ginger tea with added taste with honey. Epsom salt can be used for soaking of the affected area while you should practice a high magnesium diet either through supplements or foods in your regular meals.

Ginger can cure knee pains
Using ginger with oil and fish, you can create a remedy that can cure your knee pains. The type of oil referred to here can be olive or chamomile oil while you can use any other options depending on availability and preference.

Meanwhile, use sea fish like herring or salmon which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids known to improve joints and muscles. As for ginger, you should use ginger root to help with curing your knee pains. What you need to do is to first cut off the ginger root and then grate it. After that, rub the root on the painful area for 5 to 10 minutes periodically.

When experiencing knee pains, you should rub the ginger root on the affected area and drink ginger tea whenever possible. The eating of fish and oil can help to complement the process as well and before long, your knee pain will be gone.

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