Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A

There are many types of Hepatitis and among the most common ones is Hepatitis A. This is where the Hepatitis A virus attacks the liver causing an inflammation there. The main causes of Hepatitis A are known to be transferred in foods. This virus is most commonly found in the stools and blood of the person and could be there between 15 and 45 days before the clear symptoms can be seen. As there are many types of Hepatitis viruses, this type of disease is known to be the least dangerous.

A person will catch Hepatitis A when he or she drinks or eat the food and water that contained the Hepatitis A virus. The most common food known to be the source of this virus includes fruits, vegetables, drinkable water and shellfish. This virus can be transferred if a person comes in contact with the stool or blood of another person who has the virus while other known sources include sexual practices that involve oral or anal contact.

Around the world, Hepatitis A is most commonly found in Asia and South America. Hence, the person is more exposed to the risk of this virus if he travels a lot around these countries. A person is exposed to this risk when they work in a nursing home or rehabilitation centre or in the health care or sewage industry as well.

When a person contracts this disease, it would take about 2 to 6 weeks before the obvious symptoms actually appear. Depending on the person, this virus could last for a few days to a few months and it could include problems like fatigue, itching, appetite loss, dark-coloured urine, fever, nausea and even jaundice.

To confirm if you actually contracted Hepatitis A, a physical examination needs to be carried out. This is to determine if you are having an enlarged or tender liver and if that is found, then it can be confirmed. One must be aware that when a person has Hepatitis A, the infected area is the liver which is one of the most important parts of the body.

As there is no specific treatment to cure Hepatitis A, the doctor will usually suggest a lot of rest and more importantly, rest for the liver. Taking food with too much fat will create more problems for the liver as it needs to digest them. In most cases, patients with Hepatitis A recover within months of contracting this disease.

As it is commonly known, the best way to prevent getting Hepatitis A is by watching your diet as it can be easily transmitting through food. However, a better preventive measure is to be vaccinated where there are 2 main types of vaccines, namely Havrix and Vaqta. It is required that you take the vaccines in 6 months intervals as there are 2 injections involved. Apart from that, children between 12 and 24 months old are highly recommended to take these preventive measures as well while those who travel to countries with high or intermediate Hepatitis A risk should do so as well.

The HAV test is carried out to test if there are proteins that the body makes to response to the Hepatitis A virus. If you have been infected in the past, the virus will exist in the body and proper diagnosis need to be carried out to determine the next course of action. The most common approach to testing if you are Hepatitis A infection is to take a blood test as it will show exactly what virus is causing your liver inflammation.

Hepatitis A is a very common liver disease which is very common around the world. It must be noted however that Hepatitis A is more common in places where pollution is an issue like Bangladesh, India and Nepal was this virus can easily be transmitted via food and water. As such, those in the Indian sub-continents are known as the high risk areas for Hepatitis A. On the other end, high-income countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan reports lower occurrences of Hepatitis A while medium-risk countries include developing nations like Malaysia and Thailand. In terms of age group, Hepatitis A is more commonly contracted among children as they are more exposed through touch and contact.

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Hepatitis A occurs within the digestive system that can cover the liver, intestines, gallbladder and pancreas. A medical doctor or family physician can recommend you for further examination at the hospital where you could be referred to a Gastroenterologist. This is a specialist who focuses on the digestive system while someone who specializes in hepatology could help you with the liver and gallbladder problems.

A person with Hepatitis A will experience inflammation in the liver and as the name implies is caused by the Hepatitis A virus. You will start experiencing symptoms including jaundice which is very common among children, a loss of appetite, nausea, fever, vomiting and diarrhea as well as pain in the abdominal areas. One of the very serious issues about Hepatitis A is that it can be spread even when there are no symptoms of any kind.

Similarly with other hepatitis diseases, there is no absolute cure for this condition and each patient is treated on a case-by-case basis. Hepatitis A is caused by the HAV or Hepatitis A virus, which needs the human body as an incubator for survival. As there is no single medicine that can cure Hepatitis A, the best practice is to obtain the vaccine before the threat appears. This is where children between 1 to 2 years of age are given the hepatitis A vaccine while those who are travelling to countries at risk of this virus like Africa and Eastern Europe, among others.

Home remedies
The best way to avoid contracting the HAV is to practice a hygienic lifestyle because this virus can transmit from one person to another very easily. The main idea behind this is to ensure that you do not overwork your liver too much because when it is weak, it become vulnerable to attacks by the hepatitis virus.

Avoiding abnormal sexual activity especially if you are a carrier and preventive measures like condoms will not be effective. You must know if you are in the midst of people who are carriers. As such, it would be best not to eat out too frequently. Ensure that there are proper hygiene practices in the kitchen particularly among those who are preparing your food. This is very crucial if you have domestic helpers in your home because you never know if they interact with HAV carriers in any way.

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