Manganese is a type of mineral which plays a pivotal role in helping the body to function optimally. It is used for its medicinal properties while manganese is a common ingredient found in a lot of multivitamin formulas. As compared to other minerals and vitamins, your body do not require high levels of manganese but that does not mean its role is not crucial.

Several types of natural foods are rich with manganese where seafood like cooked mussels have been identified with having the highest content of this mineral. Besides that, clams and crayfish are known sources as well while hazelnuts and walnuts provide high levels of manganese too. You should be receiving adequate levels of manganese if you eat bread and tofu while winged beans, black-eyed beans and kidney beans have been known for their manganese contents as well.

What does it do?
Manganese is known for its strong antioxidant properties while it helps to strengthen the joints and bones. Besides that, it is used by women to alleviate PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) as well as in the treating of patients with problems like arthritis and anaemia. In certain cases, manganese helps to prevent seizures among epileptic patients and other muscle-related conditions.

Deficiency and Symptoms
A lot of manganese reside in the vital organs of your body like your pituitary and adrenal glands, your kidney and liver and in the pancreas. Although your body do not require high levels of manganese, this mineral plays a crucial role in energizing your system. If you are lacking in this mineral, you will experience fatigue and tiredness while you could be exposed to attacks by viruses and bacteria as your immune system is weakened. Apart from that, you could experience joint pains, muscle aches and even problems with your nervous system.

Recommended Dosage
Your body needs about 10mg of manganese each day in order to perform optimally and efficiently. If you practice a balanced diet containing foods that are rich with manganese, chances are you would have obtained enough manganese each day. However, if your diet is irregular and not as balanced, you could obtain sufficient supply of manganese through dietary supplements and multivitamins.