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Artificial sweeteners are not made of sugar

Artificial sweeteners are not made of sugar

Sugar is one of the most important ingredients in all types of food consumption. In fact, it is known to be used in almost every type of cuisine and is enjoy through cooked food and beverages. However, taking too much sugar could be damaging as it could increase the risk of diabetes. As such, artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes are used as they are supposedly less fattening.

Artificial sweeteners are very popular as they are used in diet drinks, low-fat food as well as sold as a sugar substitute that you can use to make your coffee or tea. Despite that, you must be aware that there are actually 5 types of market-available artificial sweeteners which are actually quite dangerous.

The five are neotame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, aspartame and saccahrin. Out of all these, aspartame and sucralose are known to be the most dangerous.

Sucralose are actually denatured sucrose where the structure of the sugar has been chemically changed. 3 hydroxyl groups have been replaced by 3 chlorine atoms and chlorine as we know it is a toxic material which is a carcinogen which is approved for consumption and sale in the market.

On the other hand, aspartame is among the most popular type of artificial sweetener. Some of you might recognize this as Equal or NutraSweet where aspartame has been warned to cause problems like epilepsy and even brain tumors.

As such, it would be most safe not to consume any types of food with artificial sweetener. It would be best not to consume food with sugar at all but if you really need to, check the labels beforehand.