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Why is pork the worst type of meat?

Why is pork the worst type of meat

Eating meat is an issue which has been debated for generations. In fact, the vegetarians refrains from meat for health reasons while there are those who do not eat meat due to religious reasons. However, among all the meat products in the world, one theory is that pork could be the worst type. So between the mutton, beef and pork, what makes this such a ‘dirty word’?

The Muslims do not eat pork. They knew this for generations and has called it as ‘dirty’. The more appropriate word perhaps would be ‘hygiene’. They knew that consuming pork would mean eating certain types of germs which could cause bad diseases for the body.

The whole idea about eating pork is on transfer of germs. You do not need to look far to know that pigs live in very congested and crowded places. Poor ventilation and filthy places are only among some of the elements here. It has been found in certain studies that 70% of pigs have already contracted pneumonia by the time they are slaughtered to contribute to the food chain.

If you have done your research, you will know that pigs actually are very clean animal. But because they are forced to live in dirty places, they have no choice but to adapt and as such, their skin suffers from diseases and other bacteria infections. Ultimately, the order of the day is that eating pork might be delicious but from where it came from, it might just be a hazard.