Bananas – The Perfect Superfruit for weight-loss

Bananas – The Perfect Superfruit for weight-loss

Bananas are known to be a ‘super fruit’. It is taken as a snack, a meal replacement option and even for weight loss. The list of diseases that bananas can help includes protecting of heart health, improving bone strength and for detoxification while it plays a crucial role in reducing obesity and regulating bowel movements. Bananas can be taken as it is or made into juice while they are used as toppings for making home-made ice-cream and breakfasts. Below are some nutrients that bananas can offer.

Fiber – This nutrient is perhaps the most prominent one that you can get when eating bananas. It is a natural food used to treat people with constipation and indigestion due to its high content of fiber.

Manganese – Bananas are one of the best sources of manganese that helps your body in the healing process of wounds as well as metabolism. As such, it can be taken as a snack after a workout.

Vitamin B6 – Rich with this vitamin, bananas supply your body with this which can reduce your risk of certain cancers.

Other Nutrients – Besides those mentioned above, bananas are rich with copper, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and niacin as well as magnesium and potassium.

Pesticide-laden Bananas
You have to be careful when buying bananas as those that are sourced from industrial farming are quite pesticide-intensive especially those that are enclaved into a large plastic bag while farming. This includes pesticides like Thiabendazole, Imazalil, Azoxystrobin and Myclobutanil, among others.