Health myth; Milk is bad for bones or High in Protein

The Health myth that Milk is bad for bones has been spread all over the world. It is decreasing the significance of drinking milk among people. People started arising question on drinking milk. But it has been scientifically proven that drinking milk has no connectivity in making bones fragile. Bones can be kept strong and healthy by eating balanced diet consists of green leafy vegetables, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. By drinking only milk can not help in making bones stronger.

If anybody gets diagnosed with osteoporosis disease then there may be other reasons behind its occurrences. Such diseases are hereditary and continue to generations over generations. Milk is not the sure shot reason for being diagnosed with bone related diseases. The proven fact is that milk is not a very rich source of a protein. In one glass of milk you will get hardly few mg of proteins. Milk has been considered as a rich source of protein for long years which is the main root of the Myth.

It is true that milk has several hidden benefits and one of those is that milk is a source to enrich immunity. The antibiotics presents in the milk help in fighting with the viruses which may cause harm to our body but our milk has already been pasteurised, they have very minimal nutrition benefits.

Avoid those low fat milk, by all means

There are various reasons by which people started taking milk as a rich source of protein. Since for the small kids and infants the easy and simplest source of food is milk because they are unable to take solid food and thus are suggested to take milk. For them milk is the only source of food and only medium to make their body strengthened. So, here it doesn’t prove that milk is a good source of protein to make bones stronger.

The TV and advertising agencies have also a big hand in branding milk a rich source of protein. Getting milk from the animals is a kind of resources and there should be proper utilization of any resources available with us. So, instead of wasting milk of animals it is being consumed by the people all across the world on large scale.

Avoid those low fat milk, by all means

Also milk is easy available source of protein and many people have been consuming it for several years therefore a rumour has been spread among people that drinking a lot of milk will make their diet a balance diet and in take of milk will fulfil their complete requirement of protein in their body. Bones is made up of Calcium which can be made strong by getting vitamin D from sunlight. There are other rich sources of protein like almonds, soybeans, groundnuts etc. which can be included in our diet to complete the necessity of protein. We can increase superiority of milk by adding food supplements in milk.

Get proteins from beans and soyas

If we see in other way, then we will find that milk is just a source of food only as other food resources and every source of food contains some vitamins and proteins. Similarly, milk also contains some ingredients which are beneficiary to our body. If we accept the milk as just a food source rather than a rich source of protein than the myth about milk can be removed from the minds of the people.