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God created sinus for a reason and that is not for you to cut it off

God created sinus for a reason and that is not for you to cut it off

If you are among those who experience sneezing and wheezing in the mornings, you would have come across someone who would tell you to ‘cut it off!’. So what is it that needs to be cut off that can solve all your morning sneezing problems? This is where you might be considering going through a sinus removal surgery. However, before you go ahead and do the gung-ho thing and think that it will solve all your morning sickness problems, think again.

There is a reason why the sinus is there in the first place and having it removed might not solve the problem at all. Most people with this type of infection actually do not need any form of surgery because it can be solved by certain lifestyle changes and medical treatment.

The 2 options might not solve the problem permanently but the least it could do is to control the symptoms so that you do not have to go through it all the time. Furthermore, surgery might be a temporary measure only because it could cause more problems if post-surgery care is not observed properly.

Clearing the sinus could cause further problems and it could reoccur again. The main cause of this problem is that you might have some form of allergy to small particles in the air. Maybe using an air purifier might help or ensure a hygienic and clean environment will be ideal. If that is not changed, no matter how many surgeries you go through, it will not help at all.

Change your lifestyle, not your nose, practice habits that can boost your immune system and get enough rest by going to bed early. God created the sinus for a reason, there is no reason to cut if off. It is not worth the money and distraction in the long run.