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Guava – Benefits and Miracles

Guava – Benefits and Miracles

One of the very popular tropical fruits you will come across are guavas. This light-green fruits do not look as appealing as bananas or watermelons but they are known for their high content of nutrients and vitamins which can improve your health in multiple ways.

Guava has a long list of benefits that include weight loss. it is very high with vitamins and proteins which means your body gets its energy production without the risk of cholesterol or carbohydrates. Like Almonds, they are a great option to be taken as snacks

Fibre – Taking guava means you are supplying your body with very high contents of fibre which in return helps your body to regulate the absorption of sugar. It has been found that there are about 5.4gms of fibre in every 100gms of guava.

Vitamin C – This is very common with most fruits where there is a high amount of Vitamin C which helps to build your cells and improve your immune system.

Flavanoids – You might have heard of the beta-carotene, lutein and cryptoxanthin which are all important antioxidants that can help your body combat the effects of free radicals.

Lycopene – If you are taking the pink guava, the lycopene is nearly double as compared to tomatoes.

Taking organic green or pink guava will be most ideal while there are some pesticides like Atrazine, Buprofezin, Chlorantraniliprole, Malathion and Oxyfluorfen in naturally, planted fruits.