Planting your own organic vegetables and fruits. No more excuses!


Not everyone stays in a landed home. Some of us have to be content with apartments where we do not have the luxury of a garden or porch to plant our own foods. Fret not! We have identified some of the plants and vegetables that you can plant without needed a garden.

Besides giving you extremely healthy food with no GMOs and almost purely organic, you can enjoy more savings and a more rewarding diet.

Container: Using a container, you can grow some very interesting fruits like apples, kumquats, pomegranate and cherries. Even the superfood avocado can be grown using containers although there are some extra steps to consider. Apart from that, you can grow pears and other citrus fruits too.

Indoor pots
You can grow grapefruit, tangerines, limes and tropical fruits like watermelons. Pineapples are easy to grow and do not require a lot of knowledge. You only need to get started. It would be surprising to you that bananas and guavas can be grown indoors.

Meanwhile, there are some surprising ones in what we found out where you can actually grow aloe vera indoors, tea and strawberries.

For cooking and preparation, you might want to consider planting hot peppers, tomatoes (known for their healing properties), cucumbers and sweet peppers, among others. In fact, whichever type of herbs you desire like parsley, basil, catnip as well as kale and carrots can all be planted indoors.

Hence, there are now no more excuses for you to always ‘buy’ your products from the supermarket. Plant them yourself!