How to grow your own pineapple at home

pineapple home grow

Everyone knows the goodness of pineapples. They are very delicious, highly nutritious and are very easy to grow. If you have a plot in your garden and would like to grow your own pineapples, below is what you need to do. Take note that pineapples do not need a lot of care like flowers and you can choose between growing on a plot of land or on a flower pot although the former would be more ideal.

First you need to buy a pineapple. You have to ensure that the fruit is ripe and then rinse it. Once you have done that, place it on the cutting board and cut off the top part of the fruit (the leafy part). Make sure that you have included about one or two inches of the meat. This would be the only part that you need. The rest of the fruit, you can enjoy them.

The top part of the pineapple can now be used to grow your own pineapple plant. By now you would have decided to either plant your fruit on the ground or the flower pot.

Dig a hole about 3 inches deep and then place the top part of the pineapple into it. Ensure that it has room to grow because a fully grown pineapple tree will require about 5 feet across from left to right. When putting in the pineapple, make sure that the leaves are sprouting out of the level where you will bury the fruit.

When the pineapple is buried nicely in the dirt, then water it. The good and easy thing about growing pineapples is that you can then forget it after watering it. They are known as maintenance-free plants as long as there is rain in your area. If you are planting pineapples on a flower pot indoors then ensure that you water them regularly. Otherwise, consistent rainfall would be sufficient.

Do not rush it as pineapple plants grow very slowly. It will be about a year until you see any significant growth but once that happens, you can enjoy your own home-grown pineapples.

Grow your own pineapple from another one.

Besides the method explained above, you can use an existing pineapple to grow a new one. This will help you to reduce the dependent on GMO foods which could likely be the case if you are buying your fruits from the supermarket.

To be totally safe, you should plant and grow your own foods. This will help you to produce pesticide-free fruits which at the same time help you to save some money as well.

To do this, you need to know the natural elements of the pineapple. They do not have seeds (bromeliads) and do not require a lot of water to grow. The best weather is hot and sunny (tropical climate is best) but it grows even when shaded. It has small roots which is slightly acidic.

What you need?

  • 1 pineapple (any size will do)
  • Some soil used for standard potting
  • 1 planter
  • A glass container
  • Water
  • Here’s what you should do.

First find an organic pineapple if possible with no soft spots on the skin. Then rinse it before placing it on the chopping board where you need to cut the crown off together with about 1 to 2 inches of the flesh. After that, let the crown dry under the sun for a few days (2 or 3 days will do) and then remove the leaves which are dried. You want to keep the leaves on the inside of the crown.

Then, place it into the glass container with where you need to then fill up about 1cm of water without touching the leaves on the crown.

Then, leave the container in the place that has lots of sunlight. This can be next to your window or in the garden. Leave it there for 14 days but change the water daily.

After that, you will notice some roots coming out which indicates that you can now plant the crown.

Leave the soil wet and you do not need a lot of water. The most important element is sunlight. It should receive at least 6 hours of sun daily while the rest of the time, keep it in a shaded area. Leave it in the planter for a year or slight more and when it outgrows the planter, transfer it to a larger space.