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Good habits for good sperms – Laptops on your laps are not among them

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Yes, you heard it right! Its time to take the laptop off from your lap. IMMEDIATELY!

In a recent study which was published in the Fertility and Sterility journal, it was found that men who put the laptop on their lap could be facing infertility risks with reduced sperm counts.

This is because of the heat that the computer releases which can be at unsafe levels for the scrotums. In the research, thermometers were used on the scrotums of 29 men who used the laptop on their thighs and it was found that the testicles heated up very quickly without the means of cooling down quickly enough.

All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes and the scrotal temperature reached the level which is not safe anymore. The laptop itself might not impact your fertility but it is the heat generated. Previous studies have already proven that heating the scrotum even at a very low level will be sufficient to damage sperm which will in turn affect your fertility.

It was found that the testicles’ temperature increase by up to 2.5 degrees Celsius. If this is left for a long time, it will be very damaging because the scrotum do not have the time to cool down mainly due to the fact that the laptop will continuously generate heat that will reach the areas.

Thus, although it is called a laptop, try not to use it on top of your lap before you face long term problems like erectile dysfunction which can occur even if you are not at the older ages. Other problems could include knee and joint pains.

Perhaps it is time to change to a tablet or the iPad where you are no longer bogged down by the machine which must rest on something, most notably on your lap.

What then are the good habits for good sperms?

You must reduce smoking because it has been found to cause up to 13% of male infertility. In fact, if you think smoking actually promotes masculinity, perhaps you should think twice and quit this habit before you damage your sperm quality.

Soy – It is a good habit to take a lot of soy protein because of its high content of isoflavones. This is where your body will receive phytoestrogens which will increase your hormones in the body thereby helping to build better and stronger sperms.

Triclosan – Avoid triclosan if you can. It has already been found that triclosan can alter hormone regulation and could be harmful to your immune system. Always wash up after a day out.

Steak – Eat red meat if you want to ‘perform’. Steak has high contents of L-arginine, which is a type of amino acid that can build nitric oxide which helps to improve blood circulation.